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"You attack me without a weapon. Why? You have misunderstood the Jedi arts. Your Master has failed you. Tell me. Who trained you?"
―Sol, to Mae during their duel[1]

In 132 BBY,[3] members of the Jedi Order came into conflict with the secret[1] Sith assassin[4] Mae Aniseya and her accomplice Qimir on the planet Olega. Aniseya broke into the Olega Jedi temple to kill Jedi Master Torbin, but failed, revealing her location to a group of Jedi led by Jedi Master Sol who were investigating her murder of Jedi Master Indara. However, the Jedi did not prevent Aniseya from breaking in again, allowing her to confront Master Torbin, who killed himself with Bunta poison provided by her. The Jedi deduced from the type of poison used that it was concocted recently, leading them to discover Aniseya's accomplice Qimir, who had taken over a local apothecary.[1]

By having Aniseya's twin sister Osha Aniseya pretend to be Mae, the Jedi learned from Qimir that he had supplied the poison and that Mae had a master. The Jedi then confronted Qimir, who provided information that would allow them to stake out Mae and explained that Mae was on a crusade to kill four Jedi: Indara, Torbin, Sol, and the Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca. After Sol cornered Mae, the two engaged in a hand-to-hand combat duel in which Sol disarmed Mae of her knives. Sol and his team member Jedi Knight Yord Fandar then revealed to Mae that her sister was alive while Sol's Padawan Jecki Lon provided air support in a Polan-717 Jedi transport. Cornered and unarmed, Mae fled by making a massive dust cloud. Osha then tried to stop her sister from getting away but failed.[1]

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