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"They have overrun the base! We need reinforcements!"
685's last words during the skirmish[src]

A skirmish took place on Orto Plutonia during the Clone Wars.

The skirmishEdit

During the Clone Wars, the moon of Pantora was apparently set for a Separatist invasion. To this end, the Separatists established a base on Orto Plutonia, a Pantoran protectorate. Meanwhile, the Pantoran government requested the Senate establish a base on Orto Plutonia, and the result of this was Glid Station.

However, what nobody knew was Orto Plutonia was already settled by a number of primitive Talz. When the Separatists discovered them, they attacked them. But the Talz, despite being mainly primitive, were able to drive them off and then retaliated by attacking the Separatist base. Glid Station got caught in the middle of the battle, which ended in the Talz slaughter of all Separatist and Republic personnel on the planet.


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