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"That's for holding out on us, woman!"
―Zareb Syn[src]

The skirmish on Roon occurred when Rav and Zareb Syn traveled to the planet to "trade" for some flame gems and roonstones. Unbeknownst to the pirates was that Zareb's son Jariah Syn had stowed away on the ship.

Rav's real intention was to kill the miners and steal their gems. Zareb shot a husband and wife before Jedi Master Rasi Tuum intervened to save the remaining victims. Tuum was able to use his lightsaber to remove Rav's leg, but soon after Zareb sliced his left shoulder with a vibroblade. As Rav retreated with Jariah, Zareb and Tuum fought. In moments, Zareb fell to Tuum's lightsaber blade and Jariah ran towards his father. Before Tuum could move in on Jariah, Rav shot Tuum in the chest with his blaster, knocking him off the ship platform. It was then that Rav told the young Jariah that Jedi were the enemies of the pirates and that they liked to steal children away to their temples, for as Rav described it "reasons most foul". An Arkanian girl that was taken by Rav met an uncertain demise.

When Jariah encountered Tuum at the Hidden Temple on Taivas, he recalled the day of the duel, and Tuum attempted to correct his judgment regarding the incident. Where Jariah was made to believe that his father was trading, Tuum revealed that they were really "raiding". Tuum requested that Jariah think hard about what his father was really like. Tuum wondered if the girl they kidnapped was all right, to which Jariah denied his hopes.


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  1. Based on when Jariah Syn was seven years of age
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