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"Han, Leia's in danger. She's trapped in Makrin City on Shelkonwa, and the Empire knows she's there."
Luke Skywalker[src]

The Skirmish on Shelkonwa was a three-way conflict between the forces of the Galactic Empire, the combination of the traitorous Imperial Governor Barshnis Choard and the BloodScar pirates, and members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic in 0.5 ABY taking place on Shelkonwa.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"This is Chief Administrator Vilim Disra, Shelkonwa, Shelsha sector. I have an urgent message for the Emperor and Lord Vader. Tell them I've located Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan."
―Vilim Disra[src]

In 2 BBY, Imperial Governor Barshnis Choard of the Shelsha sector and his Chief Administrator, Vilim Disra, began to work with the BloodScar pirates in a plot to declare the independence of the Shelsha sector. Six months after the Battle of Yavin, they contacted the Alliance to Restore the Republic to gain the support of the Alliance. Princess Leia Organa was sent to negotiate with them on Shelkonwa, the capital planet of Shelsha sector. However, Leia was betrayed by Disra who denounced her presence to Darth Vader. The Executor soon arrived in the system and the 501st Legion was deployed in Makrin City, the capital city of Shelkonwa, to find Leia Organa.

Emperor's Hand Mara Jade.

Other ships followed the Executor to Shelkonwa: the Happer's Way, a freighter stolen by BloodScar leader Caaldra, pursued by Emperor's Hand Mara Jade's Z-10 Seeker. The Melnor Spear eventually landed in Makrin City, carrying five stormtrooper deserters known as the Hand of Judgment and a group of Rebels (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca) come here to rescue Princess Leia.

The battle[edit | edit source]

"Governor Barshnis Choard, you've been found guilty of treason and condemned to death. We have been authorized to carry out that sentence."
Daric LaRone[src]

The Happer's Way landed in the city and an AT-ST got out of the ship, attacking Mara Jade's fighter. She was shot down and crash landed near the Hand of Judgment and Rebels. The troopers sent Luke and Han after their friend-in-need, while they raced to help save the pilot of the downed craft. When they arrived at the craft, Mara took command of them, using them as her own personal stormtrooper squad, which they must agree with or blow their cover. As Luke and Han found Leia and started heading for safety, Chewbacca, in the Melnor Spear, helped Mara and the troopers take out the AT-ST, only to find that Caaldra was not inside. It was under its own autopilot control.

The Hand of Judgment.

The Emperor's Hand realized that Caaldra had already reached Choard‘s Palace. She ordered the Hand of Judgment to follow her to the palace to take the pirate and the governor out of play. They managed to infiltrate the palace and eliminated all guards they met. Mara sent the troopers to execute Choard, while she went after Caaldra, who revealed before she killed him that it was Disra, not Choard, who was behind the plot to break away from the Empire. Mara was led to believe that Choard might actually be innocent and raced to stop the troopers from killing him. The troopers had already got him, though, but instead of taking him down, they were stopped by one of their own, as Marcross revealed himself to be Choard's nephew. Marcross hoped they were wrong about his uncle but Choard revealed his true colors when he mentioned information that only the conspirators could have. As Choard tried to make his escape, Mara, who has just arrived, took him into custody and eventually delivered him to Darth Vader.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Mara Jade vouched for the Hand of Judgment in front of Darth Vader.

"You have the entire Five-oh-first. You certainly won't begrudge me my Hand of Judgment."
Mara Jade to Darth Vader[src]

The Rebels were able to get back to the Alliance without incident. Chief Administrator Disra cut all ties with the conspiracy and turned over records that blamed Choard. Emperor Palpatine and Vader were not fooled but Disra was not arrested. As for the Hand of Judgment, Mara allowed them to go, based on their story and how they helped her.

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