The Skirmish on Shinarcan Bridge Extension occurred a few hours after Order 66, when the 501st Legion attacked a number of Jedi, who were trying to sneak out of the security check on the Shinarcan Bridge Extension.

The skirmishEdit

Jedi Knight Etain Tur-Mukan was also there and was trying to pass herself off as an innocent bystander, as she made her way to be extracted from Coruscant by Kal Skirata. During the battle, Etain instinctively tried to stop one of the Jedi from killing a clone trooper by shielding him from a lightsaber strike with her own body. Kal, along with Omega Squad, witnessed the scene and was angered by her death, so he turned on the Jedi and helped to kill a number of them. Clone commando Niner was also seriously hurt in the battle and all of the Jedi were either killed or forced to flee.


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