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The Skirmish on Vendaxa was an engagement between Sith of Darth Krayt's order and a group of Jedi, Imperial Knights, Missionaries and bounty hunters, taking place during Roan Fel's insurgency in 137 ABY.


Although Darth Krayt had previously taken the throne of the Galactic Empire as his own,[7] the deposed Emperor Roan Fel was still a viable threat to Krayt's reign. In order to lure him out of hiding Krayt ordered his newest Hand, Darth Talon, to track down and capture Princess Marasiah Fel, Roan's daughter.[1]

Talon razed the Imperial Mission temple on Socorro and killed the Princess's bodyguard, Elke Vetter. Marasiah herself escaped with her aide, Astraal Vao, and procured transport to Vendaxa onboard the Mynock, captained by Cade Skywalker. Talon, however, learned of their destination and also set out for Vendaxa to complete her mission.[1]

On Vendaxa, Marasiah and her companions met up with Jedi Shado Vao and Wolf Sazen—the former being Astraal's brother—following a run-in with a native acklay. Able now to leave the Princess in the hands of the Jedi, Cade was set to leave the planet with his crew, but the situation became more complicated with the destruction of the Jedi transport, and the arrival of Darth Talon.[4]

Confrontation with Darth Talon[]

Darth Talon using Force lightning on Wolf Sazen.

Talon attacked the group with lightsaber blazing, leading a pack of vanx against her enemies. While the Jedi engaged Talon in a fierce duel, Cade, Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue were forced to battle the carnivorous beasts, compelled into a frenzied bloodlust by the dark side of the Force.[4]

Talon proved to be a match for both Shado and Wolf, using the Force to throw Vao into a rocky outcropping before unleashing Force lightning on Sazen. The Jedi collapsed under the onslaught, but Marasiah ignited her own lightsaber to defend the fallen Jedi. Talon, however, simply knocked the Princess off her feet. Cade, Jariah and Deliah opened fire on the Sith, but their blasters were tugged from their hands. Enraged, Cade used the Force to hurl the wreckage of a crashed starship into Darth Talon, sending her crashing into the undergrowth.[4]

This provided a brief respite for the group, although, as the Jedi and Cade could sense, Talon was still alive, and in hiding nearby.[4]

Imperials vs. Sith[]

While Cade's crew attempted to repair the damage she had previously done to the Mynock, Darth Talon called Darth Nihl, requesting backup. Meanwhile, Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg had embarked on a mission to rescue Marasiah—going against the wishes of Sia's father, Roan, who knew that the danger to his daughter was nothing compared to the danger he would place the Empire in by revealing his presence to Darth Krayt. Draco and Krieg arrived on Vendaxa just as Nihl's forces made their presences known.[6]

Even as Marasiah spotted the two Predator-class fighters carrying the Imperial Knights cresting the horizon, two Fury-class fighters launched an attack, bringing down both Imperial vessels. The pilots bailed, and Talon was quick to emerge from hiding, believing Roan Fel himself had come to Vendaxa to save his daughter. Antares and Ganner revealed themselves, however, and challenged the Sith. Unfortunately for the Imperials, Darth Nihl arrived at that moment with his reinforcements. The true battle had begun.[6]

Duels on Vendaxa[]

"I've had enough!"
―Cade Skywalker[src]

The battle was joined by Wolf Sazen and Nihl, in their first rematch since Sazen's loss on Ossus seven years prior. Talon, meanwhile, dueled Shado Vao, and the Imperial Knights, aided by the Princess, took on the remainder of the Sith warriors. Even Deliah Blue joined in the fight, destroying at least one Sith fighter from behind the controls of the Mynock.[6]

The entire battle was witnessed by Cade, who began receiving flashbacks to the massacre he witnessed at the Ossus Jedi Academy. So distracted was he that Cade did not notice a Zabrak Sith Lord creeping up behind him. Marasiah, however, noticed, and leapt to Cade's rescue, knocking him to the ground as the Sith lunged forwards. A stroke of her lightsaber killed the Sith, though Marasiah herself suffered grave injury. Cade held her in his arms as her life began to fade, before calling her fallen lightsaber to his hand. Standing over Fel's inert form with lightsaber ignited, Cade resolved to join the fight.[6]

Meanwhile, Shado Vao engaged Darth Talon.He engaged Darth Nihl, who was still dueling Wolf Sazen, using his anger at Nihl's murder of his father to fuel his power. Even Sazen's warning about the danger of using his anger in battle did nothing to stem Cade's rage. Cade ended the duel by kicking Nihl over a cliff. The Jedi and Imperial Knights got on board the Mynock with the princess. Darth Talon attempted to get on board, only to be Force-pushed away by Antares Draco. Cade then used his lightning to revive the princess.[5]



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