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A skirmish took place on the moon Wasskah during the Clone Wars when a group of captive Jedi managed to overpower their Trandoshan captors. With the later help of Wookiee reinforcements, they managed to kill all but three of them, including their leader Garnac.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

During the Clone Wars, a group of Trandoshan hunters, led by Garnac, had been bringing captives to the Trandoshan moon Wasskah, so that they could hunt them for sport. A small team of these fugitives, Jedi younglings Kalifa, Jinx and O-Mer, evaded the hunters by staying hidden and out of combat.[2]

The skirmish[edit | edit source]

Enter Ahsoka[edit | edit source]

Ahsoka Tano and Katt Mol inside the Trandoshan prisoner ship

One of the hunters, Lo-Taren captured the Padawan Ahsoka Tano during the Second Battle of Felucia and she was brought to the moon. There, they dropped her with the other captured civilians and the Trandonshans shot at them, killing the Selkath Morgo and the Sakiyan Vadoo. Tano was rescued by Kalifa she advocated a more aggressive stance among the group.[2]

The Snivvian Katt Mol and Terrelian Jango Jumper Lika were killed off the next day by the Trandoshans Ratter and Sochek. Tano and the other three padawans were pursued by Lo-Taren but managed to disarm and almost kill him. Tano eventually came up with an idea to get onto their headquarters, the Ubrikkian Floating Fortress, and tried to rally the other three padawans. However they were soon pursued by Garnac's son Dar. Dar engaged them in hand to hand combat but Tano managed to kill him before he could kill Kalifa. Garnac then shot Kalifa in his rage and Tano took command of the remaining padawans.[2]

Bringing down the slave ship[edit | edit source]

Goron fights Jinx and O-Mer

They sought to capture the slave ship that carried them there on it's next delivery. They jumped onto the side and the Tarndoshan crew, Clutch and Goron, became aware of them. Goron climbed outside the ship's hull and Jinx and O-Mer attacked him, disarming him quickly. Tano then got into the ship and attacked Clutch. In the ensuing fight, Tano killed Clutch, but severely damaged the ship's controls and forced it to crash onto the shore. Jinx and O-Mer managed to throw Goron off the ship as it crash landed and they found the Wookiee Chewbacca, who the Trandonshans had captured from an unknown raid. Tano was able to understand the Wookie, who proposed that they should build a transmitter from the ship's wreckage and this meant they would need to return there and evade the newly found patrols Garnac had set up. They reached the wreckage again and Tano and Chewbacca went in to collect components for a transmitter, while Jinx and O-Mer waited outside to watch for any incoming patrols.[6]

Meanwhile, Krix and Smug arrived on one of their MSP80 Pteropter hover pods and Smug was dropped of to watch the wreckage. Smug soon spotted Tano and Chewbacca inside the wreckage. Jinx and O-Mer, who noticed Smug, surprised the Trandoshan just as he fired, causing his shot to miss and alert Tano and Chewbacca of his presence. Chewbacca overwhelmed Smug and almost killed him, but Jinx stopped the Wookie from doing so, realizing they could use him to their advantage and took him prisoner.

Back in their camp, Chewbacca constructed the transmitter, but it didn't seem to work out as planned. Jinx and O-Mer convinced Tano, who believed in Chewbacca's transmitter, to go on the offensive, which she eventually agreed with. Jinx used a Force mind trick to make Smug compliant to their orders, and the next morning they departed. While the new plan was being executed, Chewbacca's transmitter managed to reach the Wookies, who began to form a rescue party.

Back at the shipwreck, Krix returned with another pod to pick up Smug. The group then ambushed the two Trandoshans and hijacked the pod to fly to the Trandoshans' flying fortress.


Attacking the flying fortress[edit | edit source]

Chewbacca fights Ratter

When they reached the fortress they attacked two patrolling Trandoshans, quickly throwing Lagon overboard. The other hunter, Ramy, called out to the others and Garnac, Lo-Taren and Sochek appeared at his balcony. Garnac told his men to kill the attackers and they made for a way down to the lower deck. Ratter and Gilas also appeared and fire at the Tano and the others. Ramy attempted to get onto a hoverpod but Tano and Jinx used the Force to throw it aside, hitting Ratter and Gilas. Chewbacca attacked Ramy and Tano and Jinx fought the other two when Lo-Taren and Sochek made it to the scene. O-Mer fired at them from the hoverpod and they jumped to the side. Garnac got to a gatling gun and fired at the stolen hoverpod until it was damaged enough to crash into the fight scene. The Trandoshans got up and Tano and the others found themselves overpowered.[6]

When it looked like all hope was lost, the Halo arrived and dropped off five Wookies, including General Tarfful. Tarfful had heard Chewbacca's pleas for help from the transmitter and had hired the bounty hunters Sugi and Seripas to bring them to Wasskah. This aid allowed the Jedi to resume their fight, ensuing chaos at the lower levels. Whilst Lo-Taren and Sochek took cover behind one of the downed hoverpod, the other hunters fought the Wookiees head on with Chewbacca fighting Ratter. Garnac attempted to use his gatling gun but the two Wookiees on the Halo damaged it so he took cover behind it instead. Tarfful quickly threw Ramy overboard and Tarfful wrestled with Gilas. Tarfful then got the upper hand and stomped off Gilas' head, killing the Trandoshan instantly.

Lo-Taren and Sochek are pinned down behind a downed hoverpod

Garnac attempted to fire on the Halo with the gatling guns on the upper level, but both were destroyed by two Wookie gunners who remained on the ship. Garnac fled inside to the trophy room, and Tano force jumped up to the upper level with the assistance of a Wookie warrior. On the lower level, Ratter overpowered Chewbacca and was about to kill him, but O-Mer smacked the Trandoshan with a gun, allowing Chewbacca to regain control and toss the Trandoshan overboard, killing him. Lo-Taren and Sochek were pinned down by the Wookies when Lo-Taren was killed. Distracted by the loss of his comrade, Jinx used the Force to move the crashed hoverpod aside, allowing the Wookies to kill Sochek.

Inside the trophy room, Garnac ambushed Tano, who wanted revenge on her for killing his only son. After a brief scuffle, Tano managed to overpower Garnac, and defended her actions by telling him that he had forced Dar into the hunt before he was ready. Unwilling to accept Tano's reasoning, Garnac attempted to reach for his blaster, only for Tano to Force push Garnac out of the room and over the railing, causing the Trandoshan leader to fall to his death.[6]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Ahsoka and the younglings returned to the Jedi Order after the battle. Garnac's hunting guild was essentially over.[6] However, three of the Trandoshans had made it out: Ramy, who had survived his fall; and Krix and Smug, who eventually regained consciousness following the hijacking of their pod. The three came to relocate on Nal Hutta.[7]

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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