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A skirmish took place on Yellowblade's Landing during the Clone Wars.


Once the Massacre on Yellowblade's Landing was finished, Maul and Savage continued onward to the Scourge's base on Yellowblade's Landing. Here, they discovered a secret prison which housed several wampas, as well as a female, Esano's sister. It was here where she promised the two Sith that they would gain a large reward for rescuing her from the Scourge. However, before they could travel to Pleem's Nexus, the location of her brother, Esano, the Jedi strike team that traveled to Yellowblade's Landing had arrived inside the old mining camp.

The skirmishEdit

"We do not fear you, Jedi"
―Darth Maul to Obi-Wan Kenobi and his strike team[src]

When Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his team arrived inside the old base, they met with Maul and Savage "holding" Esano's sister hostage. In response to the strike team's arrival, Maul unleashed the caged wampas that were inside the base as a distraction for the Jedi as they can make their getaway. The wampas surprised the strike team, killing at least two clone troopers, yet the Jedi had no trouble with rampaging creatures, especially Bruu Jun-Fan who managed to take one down, unarmed, but this wasn't the case with Maul and his brother.

As Maul and his brother were making their escape to the hangar with Esano's sister, they were delayed by Jedi Masters Grohto and Ko Solok, as well as Tatsu. Solok was knocked out by Maul, and Tatsu continued to engage the two Sith, alone. Shortly after he challenged Savage, the angered Dark Jedi cut off his right hand, disarming him in the process. Savage nearly killed the Pantoran boy, but Maul stopped him and told his brother to head to the shuttle for their escape. Obi-Wan continued on to face Maul, but Maul stopped Obi-Wan by using the Force to choke him.

With Plo Koon, Jun-Fan, and the clone soldiers in the upper level dealing with the rampaging wampas still, only Grohto was able to intervene with Maul. Grohto saved Kenobi's life by breaking Maul's concentration, but the price for saving Obi-Wan's life was paid with his own as he was killed by Maul as the Sith Lord was using Esano's sister as a shield. Due to Jedi beliefs, Grohto could not kill her in order to kill Maul. It was here, when Grohto was killed by Maul by a lightsaber through his chest. Koon and the others made it down to the hangar, but Maul had just made his escape.


It was unknown where the two Sith were going after the skirmish, however Plo Koon's keen eyes noticed that Esano's sister had dropped her head band. Due to Bruu Jun-Fan's psychometric abilities, the Jedi learned that they were traveling to Pleem's Nexus. After they mourned the deaths of Grohto as well as at least two clone troopers, they decided that Tatsu should not continue on due to his injury (missing right hand), as well as Obi-Wan due to his injuries as well.


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