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During the High Republic Era, a skirmish occurred onboard the Amaxine station between some Jedi and their allies, a force of Nihil pirates, and multiple Drengir which had been imprisoned onboard the space station. The Jedi and their allies, Byne Guild pilots Leox Gyasi and Affie Hollow and their navigator Geode, had previously been stranded at the station in the aftermath of the Great Disaster. Among the others stranded there were two Nihil, Nan and Hague, who had concealed their identities as pirates. While on the station, the Jedi had accidentally released the Drengir after misidentifying the purpose of four statues which had been placed on the station to imprison them. Upon realizing their mistake, they returned to the station with the statues, kicking off a three-way fight between them, the sentient carnivorous plants, and Nihil who were investigating a transport relay in the station's lower levels.[1]

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