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"We board Hask's Destroyer, steal any information the Resistance can use, and get out."
―Iden Versio[1]

After learning the fate of Del Meeko on Vardos, Iden Versio led Zay Versio and Shriv Suurgav aboard Gideon Hask's Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, the Retribution, to retrieve intelligence on the First Order and eliminate Hask for Meeko's death. The skirmish that followed resulted in the deaths of Versio and Hask, as well as the successful retrieval of First Order intelligence and specifications on the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought.[1]


"You see, Iden. I hope you appreciate… That today, of all days… I chose to be here with you. In the place where you took everything from me. Yes, our squad, my family. And I've waited a long time… To return the favor. First, with Del, yes but… And now… With your daughter. […] I had to live in your galaxy, Iden, now it's your turn to live in mine."
―Hask exacts his revenge on Iden[1]

Thirty years after the Battle of Jakku the First Order had successfully captured Del and the Corvus. Gideon Hask killed his old friend but left the ship to lure Iden into a trap. Iden soon learned of this from Hask on Vardos. Following this a skirmish erupted between the First Order and J-sec since Hask had killed Gleb. The First Order won but before they could jump away Iden, Zay, and Shriv boarded in stolen tie fighters which were destroyed by the hyperdrive but all three of the trio lived.[1]

The skirmish[]

"So… this plan of yours?"
"We're going to rip this Star Destroyer out of hyperspace."
"I think I finally understand why Shriv is a nervous wreck whenever you're together."
―Zay Versio and Iden Versio[1]

The trio soon found schematics for the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought. They then split up; Shriv went to find a way out while Iden and Zay went to destroy the hyperdrive so they could escape. Iden and Zay were met with heavy resistance from First Order troops. Zay was able to redirect the personnel to the communications area. Once the planted the last charge, Hask showed up and held Zay at gunpoint. Iden dropped her weapon as she couldn't hit Hask and not Zay. Hask taunted her and went to kill her however Zay broke free of his grip and pushed his shots away and made him drop his gun. Hask shoved Zay off the bridge to be grabbed by Iden. Zay gave Iden her gun and she shot Hask who fell off the bridge into the hyperdrive core to his death. They then destroyed the hyperdrive and saw Starkiller base in the distance. Iden however soon died as she had been hit in the chest by Hask earlier. This left Zay very sad but she soon saw the destruction of Starkiller Base. She and Shriv escaped to D'Qar and brought the schematics to Leia who then sent them to find allies.[1]


"Contact the Resistance. Tell them that this is just the beginning. The First Order is still coming. But we have hope. And hope is the reason we are going to win."
―Zay Versio[1]

The schematics allowed the Resistance to destroy the Fulminatrix in the Battle of D'Qar.[4]



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