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Duel on the Harbinger redirects here. You may be looking for the second duel between Relin and Rrogon on the Harbinger.

"This is between us, and is long overdue. Do you agree?"
"I do."
―Saes Rrogon and Relin Druur[1]

A skirmish took place over the largest moon of Phaegon III shortly before the outbreak of the Great Hyperspace War in 5000 BBY. Jedi Master Relin Druur's former Padawan, Saes Rrogon, had recently turned to the dark side of the Force, and Druur and his new Padawan, Drev Hassin, hunted Rrogon down. They found that he had joined Sith Lord Naga Sadow's Sith Empire, and after relaying this finding to Coruscant, decided to track Rrogon down and confront him. Rrogon, meanwhile, had been made Captain of the Sith dreadnaught Harbinger and, along with Captain Yaru Korsin in the Omen, had been sent to locate and mine Lignan, an ore which was extremely powerful in the dark side of the Force, for use during the impending Sith invasion of the galaxy. They found that the largest moon of Phaegon III contained immense amounts of Lignan, and began mining the moon.

As the Sith finished mining the ore, Druur and Hassin arrived in-system and assaulted them. Druur infiltrated the Harbinger to damage its hyperdrive while Drev held off ten Blade-class starfighters which the Sith ships deployed against him in the Jedi's Infiltrator. Rrogon, however, found Druur, and engaged in a duel against him. Rrogon cut off Druur's arm, but the duel was cut off when the explosives which Druur had put on the hyperdrive went off, incapacitating Rrogon. Drev, however, realized that the Harbinger was still attempting to deliver the Lignan to the Sith Empire, and, his fighter having already been hit several times, decided to ram the Harbinger's bridge. Druur attempted to flee in an escape pod, but the Harbinger meanwhile knocked into the Omen just as both ships entered hyperspace. The Omen was knocked off-course to the remote planet Kesh, where its survivors eventually formed the Lost Tribe of Sith, while the Harbinger itself traveled thorugh time to 41 ABY.


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