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The Skirmish over Vuchelle was a battle of the late Separatist Crisis. In it, a Jedi-led Judicial Forces task force dealt a severe blow to the Pirates of Iridium.


The Pirates of Iridium were a pirate and smuggling group allied with the Separatists and had been harassing the Atrivis sector for a year. Despite that, Jedi Master Belsed-Qan Idan attempted to negotiate, but the Pirates opened fire on the Republic force.

The skirmishEdit

The pirates attacked with three Warpod Pinnaces armed with Power gem weapons, two Longprow attack cruisers and five Z-95 Headhunters, facing the armed Republic cruiser Monitor III and six Delta-7 interceptors on the Republic side.

The Pinnaces used their power gems to strip the task force ships of their shields, and caused damage to the Republic cruiser Monitor III. The ship was saved by speedy counterattacks made by the Jedi interceptors, who proceeded to disable the warpods and move in on the Longprow attack cruisers, disabling their shields and targeting their drive systems. One cruiser was taken intact, the other blew up after a reactor overload. At least 12 escape pods were seen to leave the craft prior to its destruction.

Out of five Z-95 Headhunter starfighters used by the pirates, four were destroyed, while the fifth was believed to have succumbed to Vuchelle's gravity well and burned up on reentry. All observed escape pods were retrieved by Monitor III.


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