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"We've encountered heavy resistance. Sykes, there's a trader village in the swamps. They'll help us, if we can find them."
―Captain Kael[src]

A series of skirmishes occurred in the Naboo countryside during the Trade Federation Droid Army's invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY. The Droid Army's primary target was the capital city of Theed, which quickly fell, and after securing Theed, the Trade Federation forces began attacking the local countryside to gather the native civilians into prison camps. Two soldiers of the Royal Naboo Security Forces, Captain Kael and Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes, had fled Theed in stolen speeders and engaged a number of Federation STAPs which were attacking the local farmsteads. Fleeing from Federation reinforcements, the two Naboo pilots then took N-X Police Cruisers and moved into the swamps to seek assistance from a trading village. The village was under attack by Federation gunboats, so Kael and Sykes engaged the gunboats from the air, and in the process rescued the houseboats the villagers were using to escape. In gratitude, the leader of the village suggested Kael and Sykes seek out a smuggler who could help them fight back against the Federation invasion army.


After the Trade Federation invaded the planet Naboo in 32 BBY,[3] the officers of the Royal Naboo Security Forces were in disarray. With the Federation Droid Army's overwhelming numbers, surviving security forces were ordered to evacuate the capital city of Theed, which had quickly fallen to Federation forces. Naboo's Queen Amidala had also fled the planet to plead her people's case in the Galactic Senate. Two members of Naboo's Bravo Squadron, Captain Kael and Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes, stole Federation speeders to escape from Theed to the countryside. After securing the city, the Federation forces began preparations to move into the countryside to put down any resistance and gather the civilians into prison camps.[2]

The battleEdit


"Hurry up! They're attacking the farmhouses."
―Captain Kael, to Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes[src]

As Kael and Sykes moved away from Theed, several enemy battle droids flying STAPs began chasing Kael, who ordered Sykes to take them out. Noticing several more enemy STAPs attacking Naboo farms, the two officers engaged the droid forces, rescuing a number of local civilians in the process. Sweeping through the rest of the countryside, Kael and Sykes destroyed more battle droids until reaching a large cluster of houses. The Federation was intent on wiping out the Naboo farmers in the area, but Sykes engaged and destroyed several waves of STAPs. With more droids inbound, the two subsequently fought their way down the road. A Federation Armored Assault Tank blocked their path across a bridge, but Sykes destroyed it using his speeder's laser cannons; he also shot down a Vulture droid starfighter flying overhead. The two crossed the bridge, entered a security hangar, and commandeered a pair of N-X Police Cruisers. Kael told Sykes of a trading village in the nearby swamps that could offer them assistance in their struggle against the Federation Army. Taking off, they flew into the swamplands, just before a large Federation force reached the swamps.[2]

The swampsEdit

Bfn skirmishes

Lieutenant Sykes, traveling through the countryside

"Permission to engage, Captain?"
"Permission granted. Just make sure you cover those houseboats."
―Lieutenant Gavyn Skyes to Captain Kael, flying over the village[src]

The Federation forces demanded the surrender of the trading village and opened fire when the villagers refused. The massacre was already underway when Kael and Sykes reached the swamps to locate the village. Upon finding it, the leader of the village, Rohan Wayside, contacted them and informed them of the situation. As the flight leader, Kael granted Sykes permission to engage the droid forces, and the two worked together to save several houseboats from destruction. Wayside then asked them to rescue his best pilot, Vedd Deviss, who was currently stuck on the far side of the village. The two soldiers flew on to find Deviss, destroying more droid starfighters and gunboats with the weapons on their police cruisers. At the end of the village, they engaged droid bombers, which were in the process of leveling the area. The remaining droids fled when Kael and Sykes took the bombers down.[2]


After Kael and Sykes shot down the bombers, Wayside offered his assistance. Kael responded by telling him of their need of pilots to fly against the Trade Federation forces. Wayside sent Deviss to lead the pair to find a Hutt smuggler named Borvo, whom he thought could help them. After the pilots rescued Borvo's personal transport from Federation forces, the smuggler provided them with vital intelligence in order to launch an offensive against the Federation Army.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

This skirmish comprises the second and third missions appearing in the 2000 video game Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo and introduces the player to security hangars, where they can change vehicles. In the third mission, during the swamp battle, it is possible to pilot a Swamp Speeder through the use of cheat codes, but the game will instantly lock up, forcing a restart. The level was designed for the player to use a flyable vehicle.[2]



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