"Now go, go like the skittermouse."
Gallius Rax to Yupe Tashu[src]

Skittermice were nocturnal creatures inhabiting the planet Jakku. Industrious and determined, skittermice crossed the deserts at night in search of food and salvage to make nests and burrows. They were preyed upon by numerous predators such as ripper-raptors, pole-snakes, and the vicious vworkka bird.

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"Undeserving. I am undeserving. Just a skittermouse, not a vworkka."
Gallius Rax[src]

The skittermouse was a diminutive creature[2] with delicate front paws, tiny claws, and scissor teeth. They communicated in squeaks. They made nests in burrows, often simply holes in stone or sand, lined with pieces of scavenged detritus including boot leather, hair, and fingernails. Groups of skittermice would pick a dead body clean, forming a large, undulating mass over the corpse until it had been stripped to the bone. Once they finished lining their nests, skittermice sought out larger objects with which to plug their burrows to keep out predators.[1]

Living in the deserts of the planet Jakku, skittermice came out at night when the ground was cooler to walk upon. They stayed silent while traversing the sands, and were known for their swiftness. They were preyed upon by the equally-quiet vworkka bird, which perched overhead and swooped down to catch the mice,[2] and ripper-raptors. Their burrows were known to be taken over by pole-snakes. Typically however, skittermice were small enough to be overlooked, and skinny enough to fit inside small openings in search of food and salvage.[1]


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