Skraik was a male Sneevel crime lord who operated in Garel City, Garel. He led a gang of pint-sized sentients whom he forced to steal starship parts so he could sell them on the black market. Initially, he did share the plunder with his thieves—while retaining the lion's share for himself. However, Skraik ended up acquiring a Gundark dubbed Gigi, which he used to frighten his gang into working for nothing. His reign of terror over the "little people" of Garel City's underground ended when Garazeb Orrelios intervened. Orrelios taught the indentured thieves that they could overcome a much stronger opponent through clever trick and numbers. Overwhelmed by the strategy developed by its thieves, Skraik fell off Gigi's back, and the Gundark took control of the electric prod the Sneevel used to control her. In retaliation for the mistreatments he had inflicted to her, Gigi started prodding Skraik, who fled the premises. [1]


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