The Skreev, also known as the Dxunian Raptor and as the Dxunian Devourer, was a reptavian that was native to Onderon's moon of Dxun.


These winged animals were smaller and far more vicious than the Drexls, but still large enough to carry a rider from moon to planet. They possessed two arms, and lacked the horns that decorated the skulls of other Dxun beasts. Instead, they had a long, jutting, pointed lower jaw which was used as a weapon to spear prey.

The wingspan of these creatures was nearly twenty meters across.


Eventually the species found its way to the planet S'krrr and became a resident. The population grew so large that it was able to control the drog beetle expansion until the caretaker of the Sikadian Garden, Vroon, began to destroy them in order to rule the drogs. He was subsequently eaten by the beetles, and the drogs would have taken over the planet had it not been for Tash Arranda, Zak Arranda, and their Uncle Mammon Hoole.



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