The Skyclaw was one of the two SoroSuub Preybird-class starfighters owned by the smuggler Mazzic. The Skyclaw was painted with distinctive blue bird of prey designs, while its companion Raptor had a similar, red scheme. Mazzic often used the unusual but large and intimidating starfighters to frighten his enemies, and to provide protection for his smuggling vessels in dangerous operations.

In 0 BBY, a starfighter named Skyclaw had been part of the Mistryl Shadow Guard team led by Manda D'ulin.[2] This team also included Shada D'ukal, who later became Mazzic's bodyguard and was credited with a role in acquiring his Preybirds. It is likely that this Skyclaw was the same ship later acquired by the smuggler.

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The picture on the back cover of Specter of the Past depicts two Preybirds. The Preybird on the far left has a blue bird on the undercarriage.



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