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"All the riches of the galaxy, but there's one thing the Empire'll never defeat—and it sure as hell ain't hope. Traffic."
―Chelli Aphra, on the skylanes of Milvayne[src]

A skylane on Coruscant.

A skylane was a level of repulsorlift traffic that allowed airspeeders to move about city-planets, including Coruscant[1] and Milvayne.[2] On Coruscant, crashes were rare, as most vehicles were equipped with auto-navigation systems, allowing them to proceed along pre-programmed routes. However, Coruscant air taxis had permission to leave the skylanes and take shortcuts throughout Galactic City.[3] Traffic was usually heaviest in the early morning and late afternoon.[4] While being chased across Milvayne, Doctor Chelli Aphra and the assassin droid 0-0-0 caught onto a passing freighter, only to find it later stuck in a skylane's heavy traffic.[2]



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