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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Doctor Aphra 29: Worst Among Equals, Part IV. Caution is advised.

"All the riches of the galaxy, but there's one thing the Empire'll never defeat—and it sure as hell ain't hope. Traffic."
―Chelli Aphra, on the skylanes of Milvayne[src]

A skylane on Coruscant.

A skylane was a level of repulsorlift traffic that allowed airspeeders to move about city-planets, including Coruscant[1] and Milvayne.[2] On Coruscant, crashes were rare, as most vehicles were equipped with auto-navigation systems, allowing them to proceed along pre-programmed routes. However, Coruscant air taxis had permission to leave the skylanes and take shortcuts throughout Galactic City.[3] Traffic was usually heaviest in the early morning and late afternoon.[4] While being chased across Milvayne, Doctor Chelli Aphra and the assassin droid 0-0-0 caught onto a passing freighter, only to find it later stuck in a skylane's heavy traffic.[2]



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