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Skyscrapers lined the surface of Coruscant

"This is my fault. But don't worry, I can fix it. When we're back on Coruscant, I'll throw you off the tallest supertowers we can find. Maybe you just need more time to commune with the Force. Some of these towers are thousands of stories tall."
Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm to Padawan Bell Zettifar, after the latter nearly died from making a planetary descent[1]

Skyscraper[2] supertower,[1] and cloudcutter[3] were terms to denote an extremely tall building. Skyscrapers on the planet of Coruscant were built on top of thousands of levels of urban blocks and the largest of the skyscrapers reached into the upper stretches of the atmosphere.[2] Some of them were so tall that the inhabitants of their upper levels required piped-in purified gases for breathing.[4]

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