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Coruscant skyscrapers

Skyscrapers lined the surface of Coruscant

A skyscraper was term to denote an extremely tall building. Skyscrapers were sometimes called cloudcutters, starscrapers or Highrises. One such skyscraper was the Shawken Spire, which was destroyed in 18,780 BBY and reconstructed thereafter.[1] A variation of the standard skyscraper was the Spacescraper, which were building that presumably brushed the edge of a planet's atmosphere.


As civilization spread across a given planet the demand for land proceeded apace. Urban development and the demand for more living space meant buildings would grow upward by building ever taller and taller buildings. By 90,000 BBY The metropolis eventually known as Galactic City on Coruscant has grown to the point where new levels are built atop old ones, beginning the trend of upward building that continues for thousands of years. By 4000 BBY Taris had done the same. By the founding of the Republic, numerous Core World planets had multi-kilometer highrises dotting their landscapes.

Coruscant apartment view



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