The Skywatcher-class deep space scout ship was a scout vessel manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems for the Imperial Survey Corps during the Galactic Civil War.[1]


Extremely fast and reliable, skywatchers were designed for rapid deployment to poorly scouted sections of space, and were a proven favorite among scouts. The size of a freighter, skywatchers had a stark and austere interior that often drove crew members to provide decoration of their own; typically carrying a crew of three to twelve depending on the mission assignment, a compliment of scout troopers and their speeder bikes was often part of this crew.[1]

Though shielded, the skywatcher was relatively lightly armed; as a result crews were far more likely to use its speed to run away than to fight when outnumbered or outgunned.[1] As a scout ship, the craft was well equipped to handle planetary scans, surveys, and navigate stellar phenomena such as nebulas.[1] As an Imperial scout craft, the ship also contained a compliment of twelve probe droids of various models, and was capable of deploying the droids in atmosphere, or into space via hyperspace pod.[1]


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