The Sla Kar were the lowest class of society on the planet Demophon. The term "Sla Kar" was a corruption of the word "slacker". They consisted of the poor and the criminal who had no alternative but to labor for the Empire. Any Sla Kar who refused to perform their assigned labor, which was often heavy labor or dangerous, would be exiled from the domed cities and doomed to a painful death from radiation exposure.[1]

Even Sla Kar who worked were housed outside the city. Even with their time in the city, the average life expectancy for a Sla Kar was a mere twenty-two years. Sla Kar were constantly monitored by the Imperial police, and any deviation was savagely punished. Occasionally a very gifted or talented Sla Kar would be recognized, and granted laborer status. Otherwise there was little chance of escape from their doomed life.[1]



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