The slaatik hagworm was an enormous non-sentient predatory myriapod which lived in the Lianorm Swamp, on Naboo. It was protected by a hard, chitinous exoskeleton, and was vulnerable primarily on its underside. It also had pincers on its tail, and had green and white skin tones.

The slaatik hagworm attacked its prey by unleashing a barrage of poisonous gas from glands about its mandibles and by throwing its massive bulk onto its prey in an attempt to crush it.

Hagworms could also share a symbiotic relationship with native kreetles.

In 32 BBY, two Jedi defeated a slaatik hagworm in the swamps on their way to Theed.

Behind the scenes[]

Slaatik hagworms appear in the 2000 video game Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles.



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