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Lord Slagorth was a Galderian member of the Galderian Slave Traders, and was tasked with setting up a base of operations in the Trebodar system. He was second in command of the Galderians' Space ARC Star Cruisers, and would have stayed behind as the commander of the Trebodar base if it had not been invaded by a group of Rebels who freed all of the slaves. He was known to fight only if he felt he could win and, if not, he would try to escape. When the Trebodar base was destroyed, he escaped through a secret passage that led from his office to a hangar holding an I-BEAM Star Fighter for a quick escape while two of his personal guards fought the rebels. Knowing that if he returned to the Space ARC he would face sure death, he abandoned his post. It is thought that after this, he either became a bounty hunter or started his own pirate force. When he was forced to fight, he used a heavy blaster, or a huge sword which he wielded with excellent skill.