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"They were poor and without hope. Potential Rebel scum waiting to turn against the Empire. We were lucky to strike at them before they made a move against the colony."

The slaughter on Sarko VI was an event that occurred on the planet Sarko VI during the Galactic Civil War.


Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, an informant provided the Galactic Empire with false information regarding a supposed Rebel cell on the planet Sarko VI. The Empire believed this information to be true and mounted an operation to flush out the Rebels, who were supposedly hiding on the outskirts of the main settlement.[2]

The slaughterEdit

Imperial troops, under the orders of Captain Korvellen, descended on the location and slaughtered its residents. However, the residents turned out to be just harmless squatters who had run out of resources and were forced to live in ramshackle shelters and makeshift homes on the outskirts of the colony.[2]


Captain Korvellen later stated that he believed his actions were justifiable, as the squatters were impoverished and desperate, and thus potential recruits for the Rebellion.[2]


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