"Out of the way, servant."
―Slavin, to the undercover Hera Syndulla[src]

Slavin was a male human Imperial officer who served as a captain during the Imperial occupation of Ryloth. He served under Grand Admiral Thrawn when several members of the Phoenix Cell attacked Ryloth to retrive the Syndulla clan's Kalikori. Slavin was a rival of Cham Syndulla, the leader of a rebel group that he fought on Ryloth, and as such took an opportunity to capture Syndulla's daughter Hera during the attack.

Later on, Slavin was summoned on board the Chimaera to be interviewed as part of Thrawn's investigation into the identity of a rebel spy in the Imperial ranks. Some time after, he was in command of a Star Destroyer sent to the Tonnis sector to pick up a giant kyber crystal for delivery to the construction site of the Death Star. However, the freighter carrying the crystal had been set to explode by Saw Gerrera. When the crystal blew, it destroyed his destroyer, killing him.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Age of the Empire[edit | edit source]

The Ryloth insurrection[edit | edit source]

Slavin and Grand Admiral Thrawn

In 2 BBY,[source?] Slavin fought the Free Ryloth Movement under General Cham Syndulla. At first, Slavin and his troopers' attacks were clumsy. However, Slavin was able to make his attacks swifter and more precise when the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived. Slavin and his forces were then able to occupy the Tann Province. There, Slavin established his headquarters in Syndulla's home.[3]

Later, Cham's daughter Hera Syndulla and her fellow rebels Chopper and Ezra Bridger infiltrated the Syndulla residence in an attempt to retrieve the Kalikori, a priceless Twi'lek artifact that belonged to Hera's late mother. Hera and her rebel team had managed to retrieve the Kalikori from Cham's office and tried to sneak out through the front door. However, Captain Slavin entered the building with Thrawn and two stormtroopers. After ordering the stormtroopers to stand guard, Slavin told Thrawn about the recent rebel attack at Tulara Ravine. Despite having increased operations, Slavin was perplexed at why the rebels were attacking far from their base. At that point, Thrawn sensed movement behind the separators and remarked that the rebels were nearer than they thought.[3]

After a failed attempt to escape through the basement, Hera and her team made a second attempt to go through the front door. Chopper, who was disguised as an Imperial astromech droid, tried to distract the stormtroopers while Hera headed to the door. However, Hera ran into both Slavin and Thrawn. Mistaking Hera for a servant, Slavin told her to move out of the way and reprimanded her for leaving the kitchens. Hera apologized and turned to retreat. However, Thrawn took an interest in her and ordered his men to arrest her. Ezra, who was disguised as a scout trooper, cuffed Hera.[3]

Slavin followed Thrawn and Hera into his office. There, Hera pretended to be an impoverished servant who wanted to steal the Kalikori only to feed her family. Slavin wanted to make an example of Hera. However, Thrawn deduced that the Kalikori was more valuable then Slavin realized and asked the Captain if he understood the significance of the object. When Slavin described the Kalikori as a "primitive trinket," Thrawn pointed out that it was a priceless Twi'lek heirloom.[3]

Trouble with the Syndullas[edit | edit source]

Slavin and Thrawn questioning Hera

When Thrawn questioned Hera further, Slavin disparaged the Twi'lek woman as a mere servant. At that point, Hera spoke up and told the Imperials that her people would never give up their struggle to be free. Slavin was about to chastise Hera when Thrawn scolded him for embarrassing himself. Thrawn then pointed out that the servant was none other than Hera Syndulla, the daughter of the Twi'lek rebel leader Cham Syndulla. Thrawn then stunned Ezra after the scout trooper made a sudden move. Slavin was shocked that Thrawn had outed Hera's rebel colleague and asked how he knew. Thrawn coolly responded that the rebels always had friends around them.[3]

Slavin later accompanied Thrawn to Hera's cell where Thrawn talked about the significance of the Kalikori. When Slavin interjected again, Thrawn apologized for his colleague's behavior and thanked Hera for her "hospitality." After leaving the cell, Thrawn gave Slavin orders to deliver the Kalikori to his Arquitens-class command cruiser. When Slavin suggested destroying the object, Thrawn lost his temper momentarily and grabbed Slavin by the collar of his tunic. Thrawn then apologized and lamented that Slavin did not appreciate art like he did. He then departed to observe an "experiment" while leaving Slavin in charge of further operations.[3]

Assuming command, Captain Slavin contacted Cham via hologram and offered a deal. If Cham agreed to surrender himself by dawn, he would free his daughter Hera and Ezra. If he refused, Slavin threatened to execute the prisoners. Cham agreed to the deal. Slavin then proceeded with the second stage of his plan which involved positing gunners around the hangar bay to trap the Ghost, the VCX-100 light freighter that served as the base for Hera's rebels. However, Chopper discovered Slavin's plans and alerted Hera, who ordered the droid to steal explosives from the Imperial armory and plant them around her house.[3]

At dawn, Slavin led Hera and Ezra to the hangar to initiate the exchange with Cham. Cham arrived aboard the Ghost and Slavin agreed to a simultaneous exchange. As Hera met her father, she apologized that she was about to destroy the house. At that point, Chopper emerged and ignited the explosives, knocking Slavin and his men to the ground. Slavin ordered his men to fire. One of them fired a rocket at the Ghost, but Hera's fellow rebel Kanan Jarrus used the Force to direct the rocket back at an AT-DP walker, knocking it to the ground. Slavin sustained a wound on one of his arms and watched as the rebels fled aboard the Ghost. When a dejected Slavin contacted Thrawn to inform the Grand Admiral of the debacle, Thrawn calmly responded that he found the "experiment" enlightening.[3]

Thrawn's investigation[edit | edit source]

Some time later, Slavin was among several officers, including Captain Brunson and Commander Brom Titus, who were called onboard Thrawn's Star Destroyer, the Chimaera, as part of the Grand Admiral's investigation into the identity of a rebel spy in the local Imperial ranks. Agent Alexsandr Kallus and Lieutenant Yogar Lyste saw Slavin, Brunson and Titus being escorted out of Thrawn's office after their interviews were concluded.[4]

Kyber crystal delivery[edit | edit source]

Slavin's last moments

Circa 1 BBY,[1] Slavin, in command of his own Star Destroyer, was sent to the Tonnis sector to meet Freighter 2716, which was disguised as a civilian ship and carrying a giant kyber crystal intended for the construction of the Death Star. Unbeknownst to Slavin, the rebels Saw Gerrera, Sabine Wren, Ezra and Chopper had infiltrated the ship. Gerrera, after discovering the freighter's cargo, rigged the crystal up to the ship's hyperdrive, creating a bomb. After the freighter dropped out of hyperspace, Slavin was informed by an officer that a rebel ship was approaching. Slavin ordered the crew to open fire on the ship, but quickly called off the attack after it neared the freighter, aware of the kyber crystal's destructive properties.[2]

Unbeknownst to him, Gerrera had damaged the hyperdrive, starting a chain reaction which ultimately caused the crystal, unstable due to its size, to catastrophically explode. The rebels had fled the freighter by then, Gerrera in his U-wing and Ezra, Sabine and Chopper aboard the freighter's Lambda-class shuttle with a group of prisoners being transported aboard. When Slavin saw the shuttle pass over the bridge, he wondered where Commander DT-F16, who the shuttle had been intended for, was going. A bridge technician told Slavin that they were scanning something going critical mass on the freighter, and Slavin realized too late that the crystal was about to explode. His fears were true, as the crystal shortly blew up, creating an explosion that engulfed both the freighter and his Star Destroyer, killing him in the process.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"My apologies, Captain Slavin. I'd forgotten not everyone is able to appreciate art as I do."
―Grand Admiral Thrawn, to Slavin[src]

Slavin's lack of appreciation for finesse frustrated Thrawn.

Slavin was a Captain in the Imperial Military during the Age of the Empire. He was a clumsy strategist who failed to contain the Free Ryloth movement until Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived on the scene. Under Thrawn's guidance, Slavin made gains against the Free Ryloth rebels.[5] Slavin was a rude and haughty man who looked down on the Twi'lek servants at the former Syndulla household. He had little appreciation for art and dismissed the Kalikori as a primitive "trinket" that should be destroyed. Slavin's contempt for art exasperated Thrawn to the extent that the Chiss Grand Admiral once grabbed Slavin by the collar of his tunic. While Slavin devised a plot to trap both Cham and the Spectres by proposing a prisoner exchange, he failed to take into account the presence of the disguised rebel droid Chopper.[3]

Slavin was later given command of his own Star Destroyer. As a commander, Slavin ordered his crew not to fire on a freighter carrying a large Kyber crystal due to the volatile nature of the crystal. Unaware that Saw Gerrera had rigged the freighter to explode, Slavin ordered his crew to dock with the freighter. This decision cost the lives of Slavin and all his crew, who perished in a subsequent explosion.[2] Slavin often carried a RK-3 blaster pistol.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Slavin first appeared in the Star Wars Rebels episode "Hera's Heroes," which premiered on Disney XD on October 15, 2016. He is voiced by André Sogliuzzo, who also voiced the clone troopers in Star Wars: Clone Wars.[3]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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