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"The Hutts control everything on Sleheyron, and a slave is nothing to them."
Yuthura Ban[6]

Sleheyron was a planet in Hutt Space. Although it was based on slave trade, its powerful economy made Sleheyron one of the most important Hutt worlds.


"I think they're trying to starve us into submission. Then they can make us slaves on the Hutt spice planets or disposable workers in the tibanna gas factories on Sleheyron."
Aaida, about the Exchange[4]

Sleheyron was a trade world in the Outer Rim portion of Hutt Space. The planet sat at the intersection of the Pabol Hutta and Pabol Sleheyron hyperlanes.[1]

Sleheyron was a volcanic world where the few remaining wilderness were uninhabitable, made of jagged spires of basalt slag. Most of the planet was covered of urban areas, including numerous industrial areas, spaceports and refinery districts.[3] Sleheyron economic muscle was second only to Nar Shaddaa, as was the level of intrigue that occurred there.[1] Most of this economy was based on slave trade and on the refinement of tibanna gas in starship fuel.[4]


"My memories tell me that, for a time, Bochaba was one of the most feared gangsters on Sleheyron."

During the Pre-Republic era, Sleheyron was originally a world of the Rakata Empire. The planet was explored and colonized by the Hutts between 27,500 and 25,000 BBY, before the formation of the Galactic Republic. Sleheyron joined the Hutt Empire and stayed in Hutt control for most of its history. However, Sleheyron was not explored by Republic explorers until the period between 15,000 and 8000 BBY.[1]

By 25,100 BBY, Sleheyron marked the boundaries of the Hutts' true dominion. Xim the Despot tried to take the planet in order to make it his ninth Throne. In the 25th year of his rule, Xim launched a two-pronged strike at Sleheyron and Ko Vari but was he successfully repelled by the Hutts. This defeat started the conflict that finally lead to the fall of Xim's empire. By this time, Sleheyron was a treasure world into which only the most trusted slaves were allowed.[8]

Several years before the Jedi Civil War, Yuthura Ban was sold into slavery at a young age to Omeesh the Hutt, a Hutt slaver who tortured his slaves regularly. Yuthura Ban eventually entered her master's bedchamber and stabbed the sleeping Hutt to death before leaving the planet and join the Jedi Order. Following the Mandalorian Wars, Bochaba the Hutt became a prominent presence on Sleheyron, thanks in no small part to the assassination protocols of HK-47. In fact, the assassin droid slaughtered 322 of Bochaba's "meatbag" enemies in a single year for his master, including two Hutt households. Later, HK-47 would claim that some of his finest work was completed on this world. In the end, however, the Hutt was slaughtered in a particularly gruesome manner by the Exchange.[6] In the time following the Jedi Civil War, the planet's fuel reserves, one of the largest caches in the Outer Rim, were owned by Vogga the Hutt. After the destruction of the Peragus Mining Facility in 3951 BBY, Vogga was influenced by the Jedi Exile regarding the shipment of Sleheyron fuel to Citadel Station, on Telos IV.[4]

In his early days, Ziro the Hutt worked as a loan shark on the planet before moving his operations to Coruscant. Ziro had also gotten golden tattoos from his homeworld.[7]

During the Galactic Civil War, Thakba Besadii Diori, a minor Hutt crime lord, operated from Sleheyron where he resided in a mansion in the company of his Devaronian majordomo and a group of of Gamorrean guards.[3]

Sleheyron was captured by the invader during the Yuuzhan Vong War but it was unknown what the Yuuzhan Vong did to the planet. The Hutts would not comment on its state, nor would they allow outsiders access to the planet. A decade later, the world and the entire Hutt Space joined the Confederation against the Galactic Alliance during the Second Galactic Civil War.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

A screenshot of the cut level from Knights of the Old Republic

Sleheyron was originally planned to be included in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as one of the planets where the player would discover ancient Star Maps, but was cut from the final release.[10][11] Some screenshots were released by LucasArts before the completion of the game.[12]

Among the music files of the game, however, there are two, titled "mus_area_slehey" and "mus_bat_slehey." The former served as the background music for the Rakatan mind trap sequence and the latter appeared during fights aboard the Star Forge. The name of both files suggests that they were originally intended to be the music for Sleheyron areas.

There was a modding team called Team Hutt that worked on a restoration of Sleheyron for Knights of the Old Republic. The project is seemingly canceled. The team had released some screenshots of the new module before going silent.[13][14]



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