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"They were the best in the galaxy."
Ferus Olin[src]

Sliders were one of the specialties available at Dex's Diner. Like the rest of the food served there, they were greasy and unhealthy, but also cheap and filling. Sliders were small and square. Most were served with Mongo Beefhead patties on trans-shipped medium-density food-boards, although some replaced the patty with another base like firaxan shark fillet, which was used in the Manaan slider. When Dexter Jettster ran the diner, he rejected elaborated preparations, and merely grilled the food-board and perforated it with five holes. Sliders were popular among the diner's customers, and regulars would even travel light-years back to Coruscant to satisfy their cravings for them. To avoid gastrointestinal distress, patrons would often furtively take a mild antidote before eating the tasty food. Sliders were garnished with Dexter's so-called special sauce, to which some visitors accused him of adding small quantities of addictive drugs.

The word "slider" was also part of the name of the Power Sliders diner in Pons Ora on Abafar, even though sliders were not on the menu.



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