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"The others—Shoja Ko, Roen Torcher, Mehedo Clynch—see your sector as ripe for the picking. A chaotic place that needs a guiding hand. But the chaos is more complex than we envisioned. I see no need to die for my mistake."
―Slim Jek surrenders to a young smuggler[src]

Slim Jek was a Twi'lek male who served as a criminal advisor in the Duro sector, and later as an emissary for the Zenowai Crime Society in the Anoat sector. After seeing the futility of trying to do business in the Uprising against Governor Ubrik Adelhard's Iron Blockade, he surrendered himself to a young smuggler.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jek was created for Star Wars: Uprising, a 2015 canon mobile video game developed by Kabam for iOS and Android operating systems. The player was assigned to capture or kill him for Level 41, a Story Mission titled "Hunting for Slim Jek."[1]


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