"Is Darth Baras cross with me? Whatever I've done, I'll undo it!"

Slinte was a male Human officer of the Sith Empire living during the Galactic War. In 3642 BBY Slinte held the rank of an ensign and was stationed on Hoth as second-in-command to Commander Lanklyn, ultimately answering to Darth Baras. When Baras' apprentice arrived in search of a Jedi Knight Xerender, Lanklyn got himself captured while tracking the Jedi and it was Slinte who had to greet and assist the Sith in his absence. Though Baras' apprentice was able to find and rescue Lanklyn, he later proved his incompetence and Darth Baras had force-chocked him over the hologram, promoting Slinte to the now vacant post of the Commander. Slinte managed to hold onto the position and the apprentice had remembered his service. Next year the apprentice was betrayed by Darth Baras, but was promoted to the rank of Emperor's Wrath by the Emperor's Hand. The newly appointed Wrath returned to Hoth in search of General Greist and approached Commander Slinte, who was unaware of Sith politics and assumed Baras send his apprentice to dispose of him. However, the Wrath demanded General Greist's location before he killed him.


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