The Sljees were nonhumanoid sentients indigenous to the planet Sljee. They had low, slab-shaped bodies, with multiple legs, tentacles, and six jointed antennae with bulbs on the end. These antennae, called olfactory stalks, were their primary sense organs. Their unusual appearance led some non-Sjlee to mistake them for exotic animals, or even some sort of motile plants.[1]


A Sljee.

Sljees were olfaxes, beings who sensed their surroundings and communicated primarily through scent. The Sljees even developed technological devices for scent-based communication. Though their senses of touch and hearing were comparable to Humans, they were completely blind.[1]

When they left their homeworld, they had difficulty integrating with galactic society. In addition to the problems posed by their nonhumanoid shape and their blindness, they were often overwhelmed with the unfamiliar scents of alien worlds. Until they familiarized themselves with these new scents, they often had difficulty recognizing other beings, or even telling different species apart.[1] One unfortunate Sljee who worked as a waiter on Bonadan mistook Spray, a Tynnan, for the Wookiee Chewbacca's "hatchling".[3] With practice, however, Sljees could learn to distinguish species and individuals, and identify them by smell from one hundred meters away.[2]

Jeseej, a restaurateur, forger, and fortune-teller on Coruscant, was one Sljee who managed to find a comfortable niche among non-Sljee.[2] Most other Sljees found off their homeworld lived in groups, either because of difficulty integrating with other species or because of their naturally communal culture.[1]

Gorm the Dissolver, a patchwork cyborg/organic bounty hunter, had Sljee leg components.



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