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"It's like a projectile from a slugthrower. Like someone whipped a rock real fast."
Joss Adren[1]
Projectile rifle TFA

A projectile rifle

Slugthrowers were a type of handheld projectile range weapon that used kinetic energy to fire solid projectiles (known as slugs), as opposed to the energy bolts fired by a blaster.[2] Slugs could be fired by weapons such as a slugthrower pistol,[3] slugthrower rifle,[4] and scatter gun.[5]

Carnelion IV inhanbitants, the Open and Closed, used a variety of slugthrower weapons in their war against each other, some gatling gun variants are vehicle mounted on Open's large bipedal walkers.[6]

Slugthrowers were surprisingly useful against lightsabers, as when a slug flying at high speed made contact with a plasma blade, it would simply melt instead of being deflected like a typical blaster bolt. Molten vapor fragments and/or shrapnel could then scatter towards the face or bare hands of the lightsaber user, and cause harm if they were not careful.[7]

Jas Emari used a custom made slugthrower rifle in the months preceding the Battle of Jakku.[8]

Shotguns were similar to scatter gun slugthrowers.[9]



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