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This article is about a kind of slugthrower. You may be looking for the blaster rifle or tensor rifle.

A slugthrower rifle (or simply "rifle") was a type of slugthrower and a larger two-handed version of the slugthrower pistol. It was a vast improvement from a musket.


Like their pistol counterpart, the slugthrower rifle used a chemical reaction to fire a slug, or solid projectile, at high velocity towards a target. They had much longer barrels than pistols, allowing them to fire at longer distances using larger slugs.[2]

Slugthrower rifles were generally loaded with magazines that held 20 slugs, each mag costing 40 credits and weighing 0.2 kg. Some rifles had an autofire mode, allowing for rapid automatic fire.[3] Typical models of a slugthrower rifle include the Dressellian projectile rifle and 6-2Aug2 hunting rifle manufactured by Czerka Arms.[2]

Rifles were used by the military of newly industrialized civilizations.[1] They were also carried by petty criminals and street thugs that infested cities across the galaxy during the Rebellion era. Crude versions of these weapons were also used by primitive cultures, such as the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine.[2]



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