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"The Sluis sector is a large expanse of sparsely populated space, renowned for its mineral resources and processing facilities. Its primary system, Sluis Van, maintains a formidable shipyard for construction and maintenance. The Praesitlyn system is home to a major HoloNet and subspace communications hub, and the Jedi order maintains a training enclave on Bpfassh."
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The Sluis sector (pronounced /'slu.i/) was in the Outer Rim Territories. Planets in the sector included Agora, Bpfassh, Dagobah, Denab, Kerest, Orto, Praesitlyn and Sluis Van. The sector was scouted by Keog Boorn. The Sluis sector bordered the Seswenna sector.


"The events now taking place in the Sluis sector shall be resolved. When they are, someone will be needed to oversee the Republic's interests there. Let me be frank: an appointment as ambassador plenipotentiary can be highly profitable."
Sly Moore, influencing Senator Jannie Ha'Nook[5]

The Sluis sector was represented by Bor Gracus and later by Corlissi Ludar in the Galactic Senate, and by Zilar in the New Republic Senate. The leader of the sector was titled a Khedive.

The sector withdrew from the Republic to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems before the Clone Wars. Its senator at that time was Corlissi Ludar.[4]

During the Clone Wars a group of Bpfasshi Dark Jedi led a rampage of terror and destruction throughout the sector, primarily centered around the Bpfassh system. They were stopped by a Jedi task force led by Yoda.

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Behind the scenes[]

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion incorrectly places Sullust, Bothawui, Kothlis, Umgul, and Dac in the Sluis sector. Sullust is in the Sullustan sector; Bothawui and Kothlis are in the Bothan sector; Umgul is in the Mid Rim; Mon Calamari is in the Calamari sector. Additionally, the game mistakenly places the sector in the Core Worlds.

In the novel Jedi Trial, the Sluis sector is incorrectly portrayed as being allied with the Galactic Republic instead of with the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The name was first pronounced in Timeline 6: Onslaught of the Sith Empire.



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