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"I am merely Administrator Moore… just another cipher in the dark, scorned and forgotten. But if all of us stand together… we will be more powerful than they could ever imagine."
―Sly Moore, on herself and her court[6]

Sly Moore, also known as "the Umbaran," was an Umbaran female Force Adept who served as the Senior Administrative Aide and Chief of Staff for Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine during the final years of the Galactic Republic. Having the ability to manipulate the minds of others, Moore was one of the few people who knew Palpatine's true identity as the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, and she stood by his side along with Vice Chair Mas Amedda when the former ended the Clone Wars and declared a Proclamation of the New Order, anointing himself the title of Galactic Emperor.

During the Imperial era, Moore served the Empire both as a member of the Grand Vizier's office and as a close confidante of the Emperor and Sith Lord. In the years following the Battle of Yavin, Moore oversaw the Sith Assassin Ochi of Bestoon during his hunt for Darth Vader, the Emperor's sith apprentice, and conspired to kill him alongside droid IG-88B, though their attempts failed. When confronted by a furious Vader, Moore made a deal with him in which, if she retrieved Han Solo, who was currently on auction, Vader would not inform the Emperor of her attempted assassination. Though she failed to retrieve Solo, she was not killed for her actions and instead became a pawn of Sabé, the former handmaiden of Padmé Amidala. Sly Moore would eventually attempt to overthrow Palpatine, and thus formed the Schism Imperial, a breakaway faction of the Empire that seeks to rid the Empire of the Emperor. Moore would come to recruit Darth Vader, and would recruit more members and gather more strength, resources, and weapons. Moore would later go on to help Vader in invading the planet of Exegol, Sidious's contingency, to get a massive kyber crystal.


Early life[]

A Force-sensitive[10] female native of the planet Umbara,[1] Sly Moore quickly rejected the ideals of the Jedi Order to study the Sith,[11] an order of dark side adepts who were believed destroyed generations prior. In reality, the Sith had survived in hiding under the Rule of Two[12] and learned of Moore.[11] Darth Maul, the Sith apprentice to Sith Master Darth Sidious under the Rule of Two,[12] captured Moore and took her from Umbara. Moore was brought to an ancient Sith tomb located in the Cron Drift[11] asteroid field in the Outer Rim Territories.[13] Within, Moore was attacked on a spiritual level by long-deceased Sith, yet her loyalty to the Sith religion survived.[11]

Early career[]

Chancellors Office

Sly Moore was the aide of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine during the last years of the Galactic Republic.

Moore's loyalty would be rewarded as she was welcomed into the Sith Grand Plan by Sidious,[11] who maintained a dual identity: in public, Sidious was Senator Sheev Palpatine of the planet Naboo.[12] Aware of Palpatine's dual lives,[10] Moore became an administrative aide to the senator[11] and continued to work under him after his ascension to Supreme Chancellor,[3] becoming the Chancellor's Senior Administrative Aide.[1] She stood beside both the Chancellor and Vice Chair Mas Amedda atop the Chancellor's podium in the center of the Galactic Senate Chamber, located in the Senate Building on the planet Coruscant, during sessions of the Galactic Senate.[3] It was rumored that Moore threatened Sei Taria, Chancellor Finis Valorum's aide, with blackmail to resign when Taria tried to join Palpatine after Valorum's removal from office.[14] Her past prior to her association with Palpatine was shrouded in mystery,[2] but she assisted the Sith's rise to power.[10]

Spark of the Clone Wars[]

Secessionist Movement[]

Obi-Wan talking with Jedi and senators via hologram

Moore was at the Supreme Chancellor's side when the Republic discovered the Separatists' droid army.

In 24 BBY,[15] Count Dooku of Serenno, a former Jedi Master, delivered the Raxus Address, in which he denounced the Republic as a futile enterprise rife with favoritism and corruption that harmed the outer systems in order to benefit the Core Worlds.[16] In the wake of Dooku's speech,[17] several dissatisfied members of the Republic left the government and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems with Dooku as its leader. In 22 BBY, the Senate intended to vote on the Military Creation Act, but the decision was delayed after an attempt was made on Senator Padmé Amidala's life. In the wake of the attempted assassination, Moore was present during a meeting between the Jedi Council and Palpatine in the latter's office in order to discuss the upcoming vote. When Mas Amedda escorted the Loyalist Committee into the office, Moore exited the room alongside several other Jedi present.[3]

In the following days, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that a clone army had been created for the Republic in secret on the hidden world of Kamino. He also discovered that the Confederacy had forged a contract with several megacorporations to manufacture an army of battle droids to wage war against the Republic. From his location on Geonosis, Kenobi contacted Amidala and his padawan, Anakin Skywalker, who forwarded his message to Palpatine's office in turn, where Moore, the Loyalist Committee, and the Jedi Council listened to his report. In the wake of the message, Moore was present in the session of the Galactic Senate in which Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks of Naboo proposed that Palpatine be given emergency executive powers in order to combat the threat that the Confederacy posed to the Republic. The proposal was successful, and Palpatine declared that the clone army would become the Grand Army of the Republic.[3]

Full-scale warfare[]

During the Clone Wars, in which the Grand Army fought against the Separatist battle droid armies, Moore continued to serve the Chancellor and accompanied Janus Greejatus, Ars Dangor, Sate Pestage, and Lieutenant Commander Orson Krennic to Geonosis to oversee Poggle the Lesser's homecoming. As Poggle gave a speech to his fellow Geonosians, Moore sat in the Petranaki Arena alongside the other emissaries.[18]

Death of the Republic[]

"Leave us."
―Chancellor Palpatine to Sly Moore[4]

Moore remained by Sidious's side as the Dark Lord's machinations reached their endgame at the height of the war. Under Sidious's direction, Count Dooku and the Confederate General Grievous swept into Coruscant with a massive naval force and kidnapped the supreme chancellor. Before they were able to abscond with the Republic head of state, the Separatist fleet was interdicted by the Republic Navy and Palpatine was rescued by General Anakin Skywalker. Dooku was killed in the conflict, but the war carried on while the Senate continued to vote to give the Chancellor's Office increasingly significant powers to end the war. Days after the Battle of Coruscant, Moore joined Chancellor Palpatine, Mas Amedda, and Senator Sweitt Concorkill at the Galaxies Opera House in the Uscru District for an evening of theater. During a showing of the Mon Calamari ballet Squid Lake, the four politicians were joined in their private box by General Skywalker, who had come to the opera house at the chancellor's request. While discussing the location of General Grievous and the remaining Separatist leadership, Palpatine dismissed Moore, Amedda, and Concorkill so he could confer privately with the young Jedi Knight.[4]


With the end of the Clone Wars, Moore witnessed Darth Sidious' ascension as Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

A brief time later, General Grievous was killed on Utapau in an action that was intended by the Jedi to end the war. Although Palpatine had publicly promised to push for an end to hostilities on the occasion of the general's death, it was simultaneously revealed to the Jedi Order that the supreme chancellor was secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious who had been manipulating events throughout the Clone Wars and long before. The Jedi Council's attempt to arrest Palpatine for his crimes ended in disaster; the four arresting Jedi Masters were killed and Anakin Skywalker joined the Dark Lord as his new Sith apprentice, Darth Vader. In the immediate aftermath, Sidious declared the Jedi enemies of the state and activated Order 66—a clone protocol programmed into their inhibitor chips that marked all Jedi for execution.[4]

With the Senate marginalized and the Jedi purged, the Supreme Chancellor moved to end the war by sending Darth Vader to hunt down and kill the remaining Separatist leadership on Mustafar. In what became known as the first Empire Day, Sidious, in his public role as Palpatine—heavily deformed by his battle with the Jedi—stood before the Senate alongside Moore and Amedda to issue the Proclamation of the New Order, which formally ended the war, branded the Jedi as traitors, and transformed the Republic into the First Galactic Empire.[4]

Age of the Empire[]

Cutting off Ghorman shipping lanes[]

"Oh, are they? Are they fun? We should find some Ghorman guests for tonight and see how amused they are. Your fun friends just cut off their shipping lanes yesterday. Do you know many will starve?"
―Mon Mothma to Perrin Fertha, about Sly Moore[19]
Mon Mothmas apartment

Perrin Fertha, despite his wife's objections to their presence in her home, invited Ars Dangor and Sly Moore to dinner at the Chandrilan Embassy.

By 5 BBY,[20] Sly Moore and Ars Dangor had become privy members in the office of Mas Amedda,[19] the now-Grand Vizier.[21] Moore had too become a political rival to Mon Mothma,[22] the senator from Chandrila,[23] whom many saw as an irritation due to her failing fights in protecting Separatist sympathizers and against Imperial overreach.[24] Every day, Moore tried to undo whatever reform Mothma put forward in the now-Imperial Senate. That year, Perrin Fertha, Mothma's husband, invited Sly and Ars to a dinner at the Chandrilan Embassy for his old regimental mate, the Governor of Hanna. However, he sat the two away from his wife, as he both deemed them "fun" and Mothma boring, and because of their acrimonious relationship with her.[19]

The day before the dinner was due to take place, Moore and Dangor played a part in the cutting off of the shipping lanes to the planet Ghorman, a resolution which was believed could lead to famine amongst the Ghorman populace. The following day, Mothma returned to the Chandrilan Embassy, exhausted from a day full of constant surveillance. It was then that she learned that Moore and Dangor had been invited to her residence, something which she admonished her husband for.[19]

Overseeing Ochi of Bestoon[]

"Tell the Emperor I'm done."
"If I tell him that… you surely will be."
―Ochi and Sly Moore[25]

Moore held the title of Administrator during the Age of the Empire.

After the Sith assassin Ochi of Bestoon had apparently buried the Sith Lord Darth Vader in the cave of the Eye of Webbish Bog on Mustafar on behalf of Sidious, Ochi, reveling in his success, was approached by Moore and four death troopers. Moore expressed her doubts of Vader being dead and refused to contact the Emperor. She told the assassin that Vader was looking for the Emperor's secrets in the cave and demanded to know if Ochi had told Vader anything. Ochi denied this, stating that it would not matter if he told Vader anything, because no one ever came back from the Eye. Moore, however, argued that Vader was still Vader.[25]

Vader ultimately survived the Eye of Webbish Bog and took Ochi prisoner inside an escape pod so he could seek Exegol to discover the Emperor's secrets. Moore was thus sent by the Emperor to complete Ochi's mission, assigning Admiral Corleque and his crew to assist Moore in the task with three Star Destroyers. Firing at Vader's ship, Moore contacted the Sith Lord and expressed her respect for him before notifying him that she would have to eliminate him. Unfazed, Vader told Moore that she would fail just like Ochi. Moore then ordered Corleque to not shoot the cannons and send eleven TIE fighters as "brute force" against Vader. Moore sarcastically congratulated Vader for outsmarting the TIEs and dismissed the losses.[26]

The rest of the TIEs followed Vader until they reached the Red Honeycomb Zone, where a space-faring creature destroyed them. Moore warned Admiral Corleque about the creature and assured Vader that the creature was the galaxy's greatest predator before him. Vader evaded the creature while keeping his course to Exegol, leading a lieutenant to ask Moore if they should still pursue Vader, but Moore asked him to calm down and confided Corleque that she would not require further assistance of them for that day.[26]

Moore met with Sidious shortly afterwards on the Sith Citadel of Exegol. Following Darth Vader's surrender and apparent resignation to share Sidious' power, Moore departed from Exegol along with Sidious, Mas Amedda, Vader, and Ochi.[27]

Conspiring to kill Darth Vader[]

"No one can defeat him."
"Exactly. Against him, each of us is
nothing. But he could grow more powerful than the Emperor and still only kill us one at a time."
―IG-88B and Sly Moore, on killing Darth Vader[6]

Darth Vader clashed with Moore

Upon returning to Coruscant, Moore accompanied Sidious, Amedda, Vader and Ochi to the very tower where Vader had first been rebuilt. When Amedda questioned how he was still alive, Moore responded that as a Sith, his hatred gave him power. Sidious also assured Moore and Amedda that Vader was beyond his reach and that they were both beneath his notice. The three of them then watched as Vader was rebuilt once again and Ochi was given a cybernetic visor so he could continue to see after having his eyes burned. When Vader asked his master his will, Sidious told him to decide that for himself. Vader then departed from Coruscant with Ochi in a Lambda-class shuttle.[28] Following Vader and Ochi's departure, Moore and her court secretly hired IG-88B to assassinate Vader with the Droid Crush Pirates of Bestoon. She also informed him of the Sith Lord's damaged state and gave him the code needed to slice into his armor. Vader and Ochi were lured into an ambush by a Hutt named Bokku, who sent them after the pirates in an attempt to locate Han Solo. However, IG-88 and the pirates were swiftly defeated by Vader and Ochi. IG-88 then returned to Moore and her court on Coruscant to report his loss. The droid lamented that Vader could not be defeated, but Moore assured him that Vader could only defeat them one at a time. And if they all stood together, they would be more powerful than either Vader or Sidious could ever imagine.[6]

After uncovering Sly Moore's betrayal, Vader and Ochi returned to Coruscant to find her, her court and IG-88 in Administrative Temple Garden 313A. As Vader struck down IG-88 once again, Moore and her court fled into the nearby temple. As they attempted to escape into the streets, Vader used the Force to close the door in front of them. However, Moore then took out another remote and used it to freeze Vader in his own armor, allowing her and her court to open fire on the Sith Lord. But this did not last as Vader overcame the Umbaran's control and struck down her entire court. Moore tried once more to take control of Vader, but Ochi revealed that Vader had fixed that vulnerability in his armor. Vader then knocked the remote out of Moore's hand and told her that she could not bend his will. Moore responded that she only wanted to see if Vader was still plagued by fear, to which Vader said that the only fear in that place was hers. Moore conceded that he could kill her effortlessly, but also pointed out that doing so would do nothing to save him from Luke Skywalker. When Vader asked the Umbaran what she knew of Skywalker, she revealed that the key to finding him, his friend Han Solo was currently being sold by Crimson Dawn. She also pointed out that if she secured Solo for Vader, then the Emperor would not learn of his plans. When Ochi asked Moore why Vader should trust her, the Umbaran answered that she would be delighted to reunite Vader with the only person who could kill him, to which Vader agreed and Ochi laughed.[7]

Attending the auction for Solo[]

"Vader cannot kill me without betraying the Empire."
"You're the one who betrayed the Empire!"
"No. I tested its weakest link. And found it lacking. In your fear, you would destroy the Emperor's greatest weapon. But you have failed.
―Sly Moore and Ochi[29]

Shortly after, Ochi and Moore left for Jekara along with a few Imperial officers to attend the Auction for Han Solo. Once Crimson Dawn's leader, Lady Qi'ra began the bidding within the Vermillion, Moore attempted to bid for the smuggler, but soon found herself in conflict with Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Bokku and the rest of the attending Grand Hutt Council. While the Umbaran was able to use a mind trick to weaken the minds of the other bidders, she found that the Hutts were too strong-willed for her to manipulate.[30] After losing the bid, Moore took Ochi aside and asked why Bokku was bidding against her. Ochi explained to her that Vader had only sent her there to humiliate her in the Emperor's eyes. The auction was then interrupted by the arrival of Vader himself.[7] Guarded by two death troopers, he declared that Solo belonged to him.[31] As Vader argued with Jabba over the custody of Solo, Moore attempted to explain the situation to him. But Vader simply chastised Moore for her failure and warned her that the Emperor would hear of it. Once Jabba relinquished custody of Solo, Vader briefly fought Qi'ra before contacting Skywalker, ordering him to come to him lest he would kill his friend.[32] Skywalker refused however and told Vader to come to him. Vader then ordered General Hurst Romodi to bring Solo aboard the Executor and ready his TIE Advanced.[33]

While Vader pursued Skywalker above Jekara, Moore contacted him from the Vermillion, only for him to tell her that he did not require her assistance. Moore then told him that she was not helping him as his ship was attacked by the Droid Crush Pirates. Overhearing this, Ochi attacked the Umbaran, destroying her droid guards and accusing her of attempting to kill Vader. To this, Moore reminded him that she served the Emperor in all things at all times. As they fought outside the Vermillion, Ochi ordered Moore to call off the pirates. Moore then explained to Ochi that Vader feared Skywalker because of his strength. If the Emperor claimed Skywalker as his apprentice, then Vader would become obsolete. Moore also pointed out that Vader could not kill her without betraying the Emperor and that he and Ochi had failed to destroy the Emperor's greatest weapon. She then subdued Ochi with a stab to the chest and told him that he would return to his true master. Suddenly, they were interrupted by a Hutt ship flying overhead. Ochi then contacted Bokku and discovered that the Hutts were going after the Imperial shuttle transporting Solo.[29]

After informing Vader of the situation, the Sith Lord eliminated the Grand Hutt Council and forced the Hutts to retreat. All the while, Ochi fought and captured Moore, bringing her onto the Executor before Mas Amedda. Moore once again defended her actions, claiming the Emperor wanted Skywalker alive. But upon arriving, Vader told Moore that the boy had fled during the battle, revealing that he was not who the Emperor believed he could be. When Moore retorted that he was still free and could still fight, the Sith choked her with the Force and claimed that his hope would not be enough. Vader was then contacted by Sidious, to which he released his grip on Moore and knelt before his master. Once Vader restated his loyalty to Sidious, Sidious tasked him with rooting out and eliminating Crimson Dawn's agents within the Empire. Ochi then laughed at Moore once more before departing with Vader and Mas Amedda.[34]

Pawn of the Queen's Shadow[]

"You'll do as I say… or I'll give Vader the real list of Crimson Dawn collaborators… with both your names at the top."
―Sabé, to Sly Moore and Ochi[8]

After a long absence from Coruscant, Vader and Ochi suddenly entered Sidious' throne room and killed all of the Emperor's present Royal Guards and several of his aides, though not Moore. Sidious then informed his apprentice that only one of them had been Crimson Dawn, meaning his list of collaborators was flawed. Vader reassured his master that he would bring order before he and Ochi left. Sometime later, Moore was confronted by Ochi, who accused her of planting the list herself. To this, Moore told Ochi that his name would've been on the list if that were the case. Just then, both of them were stunned by ZED-6-7. The droid was accompanied by Sabé, who told Moore and Ochi to do as she said or else she would inform Vader of their own loyalty to Crimson Dawn.[8]

As ZED-6-7 confirmed their identities, Ochi attacked Sabé, only for the droid to subdue them again. Sabé went on to explain that she was with Crimson Dawn as well and that the real names on the list were planted to clean out the syndicate. She then asked them what Vader wanted, to which Ochi said that he wanted her due to her affiliation with the Dawn. Sabé said he could inform Vader if he wanted, but she still wanted to know what drove the Sith Lord to do what he did. When Ochi and Moore clarified that Vader wanted power and order, Sabé said they would use him to bring chaos.[35]

Pain in the Force[]

"Sub-administrator Moore, you seem…unwell."
"The F-Force wave has returned."
"Ah, yes. You're just sensitive enough to the Force to be nearly swept away by this disturbance. If you are unable to bear it…perhaps it is time to relieve you of your burdens."
―Emperor Palpatine and Sly Moore[36]

Sometime after the war between Crimson Dawn and the Empire ended, Sly Moore came to Mas Amedda on Coruscant, demanding that she had "suffered enough contempt" and asking the Vizier to make her full on administrator again.[37] However, Sly Moore lashed out in pain, which scared Amedda. Amedda told Moore that she was not permitted to use her own power against him, but Moore replied back, saying that it was beyond her power and that there was a disturbance in the Force. In truth, it was the result of a Force shockwave that was created when the Fermata Cage, an ancient Sith weapon, was destroyed. At the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, Sly Moore told the Emperor that Vader's powers were out of control. The Emperor explained to Moore that her weak sensitivity to the Force made her suffering miniscule. Moore told Palpatine that he was unaffected, to which the latter replied that he was stronger in the Force.[38]

Later, Sly Moore was again affected by the Force Wave on the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, and Emperor Palpatine noted to Moore that she seemed unwell. After telling the Emperor of the Force Wave returning to affect her, he former told the Sub-Administrator that it was time to relieve her of her burdens. However, Darth Vader arrived and interrupted their conversation. Vader, now in full control of his Force abilities, attacked the Emperor. Palpatine told his apprentice that the Force Wave still troubled Moore, but that he had regained control. After asking how Vader regained control, Vader responded that he used his hate. As Vader and Palpatine began to duel, the Scourge; a sentient AI virus that has controlled a significant amount of droids in the galaxy, began to infect the Imperial droids and Death troopers. The Scourge, possessing the troopers and droids, began attacking the two Sith Lords as Grand Vizier Mas Amedda and Sly Moore watched.[36]

The troopers and droids infected by the Scourge began to spread to the city below, killing many. Sly Moore noted that the droids were killing hundreds of citizens below. Palpatine ordered Amedda to issue Protocol 23, bombarding sectors 35 and 36 to destroy the troopers and droids and preventing them from spreading to the rest of the city. Vader departed as Sly Moore limped back to the ground, still affected by the Force Wave.[36]

Forming and leading the Schism Imperial[]

"You don't have to say anything. I already know your thoughts. Welcome to the Schism Imperial. You will return to your lives as if we never spoke. You will accept your penalties and demotions. And you will fade into obscurity. Just a few more cogs in the Imperial machine. You may languish for weeks or months or even years before I can call on you… But you must keep yourselves ready. The Empire is vast and we are tiny…which is the only way we can escape detection and win…but if they notice you…you're on your own."
―Sly Moore, to Corleque, Fabarian, and Tauntauza[39]

Sly Moore desired to overthrow Emperor Palpatine and rid him of the Empire, given she was tired of his "caprice and failures,"[40] and began forming and leading the Schism Imperial[9] a breakaway faction of the Empire from Palpatine's rule.[40] At some point after Vader attacked the Emperor, on Coruscant, rogue Imperials were brought before the Sub-Administrator. The Imperials were Admiral Corleque, Agent Fabarian, Council member Xanto, and Governor Tauntaza. Sly Moore noted to the four that she had heard all of their "grievances" and the charges they standed. An angry Fabarian lashed out at Sly Moore, telling her that everyone was talking about chaos and corruption in the Empire while she was ignoring it. Moore noted to Fabarian and the rest that if they believed they had been treated unfairly, then they should appeal to the Emperor themselves to plead their case, and told them to step forward so that she could arrange it. The only one to step forward was Xanto. Moore, pleased that the rest did not step forward so that she could find potential new recruits in them, had Xanto electrocuted to death. After Xanto's execution, Moore told the remaining prisoners that they knew the Emperor's true nature, and that they knew that the Empire was not truly what it claimed to be, noting to them that she would have executed them instead of Xanto. Moore had the shackles of the prisoners released, and welcomed them to the Schism Imperial. Sly Moore told the three that they would return to their lives as if they never spoke with her, and that they should accept their demotions and penalties and fade into obscurity. The Umbaran went on to tell the three that it might take months or years before she called on them, but they should be always prepared for her calling.[39]

Sometime later, Moore, alongside Corleque and Governor Tauntaza, spied on Vader through a screen after he began dominating and destroying droids infected by the Scourge. As they were watching, Moore noted that Vader always claimed to fight for order, but wherever he went, he only brought chaos. Corleque asked if it was really Vader's fault, or Palpatine's to which the Umbaran noted that since they were both Sith, they both were at fault. Tauntaza told Moore that Vader attacked the Emperor, survived, and was in full control of his Force abilities, concluding that Vader could really bring order. However, Moore told Tauntaza that only the Schism Imperial would bring order, and wondered whether they should kill Vader, or recruit him.[41]

Moore's Schism Imperial[9] After Amedda reported to the Emperor that Vader was growing stronger by the moment in his Force abilities, Palpatine electrocuted Amedda for his failure, and Moore, promoted back to the rank of full Administrator by Palpatine when she promised she would do better at fighting the rebellious Vader than Amedda, was dispatched to Fortress Vader with the mission of spying on the Sith apprentice. Moore would meet Vader and his droid assistant ZED-6-7 in the castle, with the latter two rebuilding and implanting devices to control the M.A.R. Corps, a group of cyborg rebel soldiers as their minions. Moore at first tried to say she was there to assist him, which Vader quickly saw through, but then offered him a chance to join the Schism Imperial to finally overthrow Sidious.[40]

The plan to overthrow Palpatine[]

"We pledged to restore order to the Empire. Do you really think this is—"
"Remember, officer Fabarian, first we need to kill an Emperor…until then…order can wait."
―Fabarian and Sly Moore[42]

Darth Vader accepted Moore's offer and joined the Schism Imperial's mission in overthrowing Sidious. Afterwards, Moore and Vader arrived on a planet to where the former governor, Tauntaza, was working. After a brief fight, the Dark Lord of the Sith overpowered Tauntaza, to which Sly Moore arrived and told the former governor that Vader had joined the Schism. Moore told Tauntaza that there was much to do. Vader and Tauntaza would eventually find and activate the Death Machine that Tauntaza once attempted to use and Vader destroyed previously, as a vital weapon for the Schism Imperial.[39]

Fabarian would eventually find himself back at Vader and Moore on their flagship. Moore, noticing Fabarian feeling uncomfortable around Vader, told Fabarian that he was a liar and traitor, but that he could not lie to Vader. Fabarian told Vader that he was there when the Emperor ordered Protocol 23, and told the Sith Lord that he was concerned that the Scourge had infected Vader. The Sith assured Fabarian that he tested the entity that controlled the droids, and found it lacking, and that every action that he made was of his own free will. As the conversation continued, Fabarian expressed his surprise at Vader capturing the M.A.R. Corps, to which Sly Moore replied that Vader was controlling the cyborgs through droid brains. Fabarian told Moore that they were working for the Schism, not Vader, in which Moore replied that they are working for both.[42]

Tauntaza later reported to Moore via hologram that she had irritated Baron Slandarv to gain access to his private offices. Tauntaza infiltrated through an auto-slicer the data that they needed. Slandarv was planning on making the most advanced battle droid. As Darth Vader went on to deal with Slandarv, Fabarian told Moore that they pledged to restore order to the Empire, to which Sly Moore replied that first, they had to kill the Emperor, then they could dispose of Vader. Fabarian would go on with Vader to attack Slandarv, and the former eventually killed the Imperial. After the events, Sly Moore was struck by the Force in pain, given her telepathic sensitivity was putting her in touch with the tortured and controlled minds of the M.A.R. Corps, knocking her unconscious. Moore awoken aboard Vader's ship, under the care of ZED-6-7. The droid told the Umbaran that her brain waves were active throughout her episode as if she were conscious. Moore told ZED-6-7 that she could hear the consciousness of the M.A.R. Corps screaming, and that they were screaming in terrible fear and pain. Tauntaza, who was also present on board, asked if Vader was affected by it. ZED-6-7 replied that Vader is more Force-sensitive than Moore, and that he was experiencing her pain more than her, but did not care.[42]

Sly Moore arrived on Coruscant the next day, reporting to Emperor Palpatine that Lord Vader was securing his army, and that he was finding ways to increase his personal power. Palpatine asked the Umbaran if Vader was aware that she was telling him all of this, to which Moore replied with a lie by saying that he was. Moore told Palpatine that if she deceived Vader or him, she would be dead. Palpatine told Moore to let Vader continue using his own strength, and gave it to him. As Moore left the palace, she bumped into Lieutenant Enric Pryde. Knowing that Pryde for weeks would like an audience with her, Moore told Pryde that he knows that only Vader could bring order to the Empire, and told the lieutenant that he had made his choice, and invited Pryde to join her and Vader in the Schism Imperial.[42]

Excavating the Martyrium of Frozen Tears[]

"It is not taking…it's showing…the anguished confessions of generations of Jedi who came here to bare their souls."
"I…I don't see anything."
"Of course you don't. None of you are Force-sensitive…but trust me, there's not much to them. Here's one who's haunted by the faces of his students. Burned in a fire. He couldn't help them. Why should he feel guilty about that? And these weaklings. Crying over tiny sins. This one got angry once. Oh, here's one who killed. Cut down twelve warriors in battle. But who among us hasn't done that? Or a hundred times worse? The rebels set this as some kind of trap. But the things these Jedi wept over…are nothing compared to what Lord Vader has done. They cannot touch him."
―Sly Moore explains the Martyrium of Frozen Tears[43]

Sly Moore, Darth Vader, and the rest of the Schism Imperial arrived on the Meridional Ice Cap, on the planet Tython. They sought to find the Martyrium of Frozen Tears, a large crystal made of pure kyberite. Sly Moore met with Lieutenant Pryde, by then a member of the Schism Imperial, and asked him if he was still with them. Pryde asked the Umbaran why he would not be, to which Moore replied that his faith was strong, but his fear is as well., before departing with Vader to the cave that held the Martyrium of Frozen Tears. As the group headed into the Martyrium, Sly Moore started to get mentally disturbed by the "awakening" of the strong kyberite. Lord Vader told the Umbaran that he had confronted it before, and that he would give it nothing. Moore told Vader that it was not taking, but showing the anguished confessions of generations of Jedi who came before to bare their souls. Fabarian noted that he did not sense anything, to which Moore replied that he could not because he was not Force-sensitive. After telling of all of the "sins" these Jedi had confessed to the Martyrium in the past, Moore noted that their sins were nothing compared to what Vader had done, and that they could not touch him. Vader Force pushed Moore, silencing her and knocking her unconscious. After seeing visions in the cave, Vader ordered that the Martyrium to be minded down, and that the cave was to be bombarded and destroyed. After getting off the planet, Moore was put in a pad to recover.[43]

The razing of Exegol[]

"Do you still not see what we have done? What the Schism Imperial has done? I understand. We're just a handful of officers and bureaucrats. It's easy for even us to underestimate ourselves. But we claimed Tauntaza's energy capsules, filled with the life energy of a planet. We stole an army of the most advanced battle droids in the galaxy. But this kyber…this is beyond all that. This is what powered the cannons of the Death Star, the greatest weapon ever created…and now it lies in the hands of Lord Vader. We will never run again."
―Sly Moore, to the Schism Imperial[44]

Sly Moore later sent Captain Corleque to the Red Honeycomb Zone near the planet Exegol to trick the Sith Eternal into taking cargo, which contained Vader and his droid army. After shipping the cargo to the Sith Eternal, Corleque informed Moore via comlink that the Sith Eternal cult members looked at him, and Moore replied back that they knew he hated Darth Vader.[45]

Senior Lieutenant Pryde then commented that Moore should have sent him instead. Moore asked Pryde of what good that would do, to which the latter replied that, had he been sent instead, they would have sensed only his devotion to Lord Vader. Moore told Pryde that he did not understand the ways of the Sith, and had Pryde been sent, they would have known that Pryde served their master's enemy, but, by sending Corleque, they did not suspect that Moore and her followers were helping Vader grow stronger than the Emperor by looting the treasures of Exegol.[45]

Corleque asked on the comlink if he should follow the Sith Eternal, to which the Umbaran said that he would not survive the trip, and that he needed to save his strength for another day. As the shuttle that carried Moore drifted deeper into the Red Honeycomb Zone, they encountered a subspecies of a summa-verminoth that had psychic attacks. Moore noted that the creature was sleeping, and that the kyberite plating would protect them from detection, but that its proximity would still be painful. The psychic attack of the Verminoth began to affect the entire people on board the shuttle, affecting Moore, Pryde, and the M.A.R.S Corps. Moore noted that the minds of the members of the Corps were beginning to overload.[45]

Pryde told Moore that Vader standed strong, and told Sly Moore that the Verminoth showed that he died on Exegol. When asking Moore if that was his fate, the Administrator told Pryde that he should do his best to avoid it until he had completed his service. When landing on Exegol, Vader seemingly attacked the Sith Eternal cultists, but was then overpowered and defeated. Pryde would later on carry of what was supposedly the helmet of Darth Vader after a big explosion occurred in the kyber mountain in the Sith Citadel. Moore told Pryde that after all of his faith, he would despair that moment. However, it was revealed that the Vader who supposedly died was actually a droid decoy, and that the real Vader emerged out of the Citadel. The Sith Eternal cultists then launched a giant laser beam at the sky of Exegol, awakening the summa-verminoth.[45]

Personality and traits[]

"You three know the Emperor's true nature. Which means you see his Empire as it truly is, not as it claims to be. Which means as a loyal Imperial servant…I should have executed you instead of him. Curious, eh?"
―Sly Moore, to Corleque, Fabarian, and Tauntauza[39]

An Umbaran female[1] with a lifelong interest in the Sith Order,[11] Sly Moore had pale skin and white eyes, and her head was bald.[3] She was always at Palpatine's side—even when he addressed the galaxy from atop his podium in the Senate Chamber—but kept silent in most situations and zealously guarded her master's secrets.[1] Moore was completely aware of Palpatine's identity as a Sith and remained loyal to him even as he dismantled the Republic, forming the Galactic Empire. While Moore's loyalty to the Empire seemed questionable without context, as she conspired to kill Darth Vader, she was loyal to Palpatine himself and working to better his rule.[6] Later, however, she would take command of the Schism Imperial, a breakaway faction with plans of overthrowing Sidious. As described by her, the Schism was made up of Imperials like herself who were tired of Palpatine's caprice and failures.[40]

Powers and abilities[]

"I am touching the minds of these weak-minded fools. There will be no more bids. None but ours."
―Sly Moore, to Hurst Romodi[31]

Moore was able to use the force and adept at manipulating political opponents to reveal their secrets.[46]


Instead of following the lead of her senator in choosing her formal attire, Moore preferred to create an intimidating look, by wearing a long Umbaran shadow cloak with a high collar.[47] Moore also carried stiletto-like knives known as vooktar.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Sly Moore was originally created for the 2002 prequel trilogy film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones,[3] where she was portrayed by Australian disc jockey and actress Sandi Finlay.[48] However, she was first identified by name in the credits for the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, where Finlay reprised her role as the character.[4] Make-up artist Lesley Vanderwalt determined Moore's skin tones and palette based on goth-like concept art by concept artist Dermot Power.[48] One of the earlier drafts for Episode II had the character who ultimately became Moore known as Uv Gizen.[49]


Non-canon appearances[]


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