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"I, like many members of my species, make a living as a bounty hunter. Not from a desire to accumulate credits, but out of our love for the Empire."

A Rodian male, Slyder operated as a bounty hunter before, during, and in-between the years 4 and 1 BBY, who based his entire operation out of the luxury cruiser Star of Empire. As opposed to tracking down wanted criminals, he simply looked for anyone who should have a price on their head, and reported them to whoever may have wanted that individual the most. During 1 BBY, Slyder discovered, with the help of the porter droid NB4, that a fledgling officer working for the Galactic Empire, Kyle Katarn, was going to defect to the Empire's enemy, the Rebel Alliance, with the help of several Rebel agents. The Rodian reported them to Governor Dol Donar II, who dispatched Slyder, along with Imperial troopers, to capture or kill the Rebels. Although the Rebels avoided the bounty hunter, Slyder was able to secure their protocol droid, A-Cee. When the Rebels escaped the Star, Donar decided to chase them with his own yacht, and brought Slyder and A-Cee along. However, the droid announced its self-destruction aboard the starship at the sight of Nathan Donar's Imperial uniform. Slyder, furious, executed the Imperials for their lack of precautions, before he patiently awaited his demise.


A unique approachEdit

"There are at least three Rebel agents aboard this ship, plus a droid who may or may not carry valuable data. And an Imperial officer who seems ready to desert."
―Slyder sells sensitive information[src]

A Rodian male, Slyder, like many other Rodians, made his living as a bounty hunter. Although the act of hunting often involved picking up contracts and chasing targets across the known galaxy, Slyder regarded such work as more trouble than it was worth. Instead, he identified targets who appeared to hold value, scouted out potential buyers, and worked out a deal that would allow him to hunt the target. As far as he was concerned, this modus operandi was unique only to him. During the year 4 BBY, the Rodian moved to the luxury cruise ship christened Star of Empire, which provided Slyder a stable hunting ground.[2] Slyder also acquired the assistance of the porter droid NB4, who helped him identify and survey targets.[3]

Some of Slyder's eventual conquests included a con-woman, an assassin droid, a spy, and a bank robber, as well as many more. The bounty hunter also made it a habit to collect trophies from his targets so he could remember his successful hunts. For example, he owned a four-barreled blaster pistol that he claimed from the con-woman, and the head from the assassin droid. Slyder eventually found that his greatest employer was the Galactic Empire, who were always in the market for agents working for the fledgling Rebel Alliance.[2]

Yet, as his career flourished, more and more of his income ended up funding his addiction to pol pollen, a drug. Slyder lived a total of three years on Star of Empire in his personal cabin, where he kept the majority of his trophies. He planned on eventually retiring, and creating a home that would have a special room dedicated to his trophy collection.[2]

The final huntEdit

"A visitor sir... His name is Slyder—he regrets the intrusion—but insists on seeing you."
―The Donar family protocol droid introduces Slyder[src]
A-Cee 2

Slyder executes the Imperials responsible for his demise

During the year 1 BBY,[1] Slyder was present at a sabacc game on the Star which was between Dol Donar II, an Imperial governor, and Lando Calrissian, an avid sabacc player. While watching the game commence, NB4 had alerted him to the presence of Rebel agents aboard the luxury ship. During the match, a fledgling Imperial officer, Kyle Katarn, collided into Slyder as he rushed out of the room to follow a Human female, Jan Ors,[2] whom the droid had identified as one of the agents. The officer made a remark about Slyder's body odor, in which the Rodian explained that due to his natural scent, which others found appalling, he was trying to cover it up with cologne. Katarn suggested Slyder stick with his natural scent, and continued on his way. Curious with the officer's haste, the Rodian began to track Katarn and Ors. First, he sent his porter droid to plant a transmitter on Ors' ship, Truly Sorry.[3] Later, Slyder tracked them to a library, where he feigned sleeping, and later discovered, with the use of cameras, that Ors was working with two other agents, Ris Waller and Rosco Ross, along with a protocol droid designated A-Cee. Later, Slyder remotely observed Katarn and Ors as the latter revealed that the Empire had been the cause of the death of Katarn's father. Katarn, who had been told that Rebels were responsible, ultimately decided to join the agents, throwing a Medal of Valor he had been awarded into a waste-bin. Satisfied with the importance of his new targets, and wanting to add the officer's medal to his trophy collection, Slyder decided to contact Donar, whom Slyder believed would be willing to pay for the Rebel agents.[2]

The Rodian met with Donar in person, arriving at the governor's cabin aboard the ship. Although Donar and his family were disgusted with the presence of the Rodian—as they found his scent repulsive, especially due to his cologne—the governor was shocked to learn about the Rebels onboard the ship, although he wanted proof of the matter before he would accept Slyder's offer to deal with them. The Rodian provided a holocube of Katarn and Ors during the reveal that led Katarn to abandon the Empire. Pleased with the evidence, Donar bought Slyder's services, and ordered several Imperial troopers to aide the Rodian in his hunt. However, Donar's son, Nathan Donar III, was an acquaintance of Katarn's, and warned his friend about the bounty hunters and soldiers. The Rebels hustled towards the Star's hangar, where the Truly Sorry awaited. Slyder caught up to them and opened fire, disabling A-Cee with a blaster bolt from his pistol. However, the droid would be the only thing that the Imperials would catch, as the Rebels were able to disembark the Star.[2]

Donar, not wanting to lose them, crowded the Imperials, his son, the disabled A-Cee, and Slyder onto his own ship. Slyder at first thought that going with the governor on his yacht would be a good thing, as its capabilities out-ranked his own vessel. However, the Imperials became heavily distracted with A-Cee. Slyder's patience continued to wear thin with the Imperials bossing each other around while no one made progress, as well as the fact that Slyder was relegated to the status of a passenger. The Rodian found the Imperials to be incompetent, and felt that the droid should have been left on the Star, where it could be attended to later. However, Donar had assigned a technician to repair A-Cee in order to discover the droid's secrets. Little did they realize that A-Cee was programmed to self-destruct at the sight of an Imperial uniform, such as the one Nathan wore. When the droid was reactivated, A-Cee spotted Nathan and prepared to explode, much to Slyder's horror. Disgusted by the Imperial's failure to take precautions in the handling of a Rebel droid, Slyder drew his pistol and executed those in the room. With his fate out of his hands, he could only await his demise, but not before he transferred the ownership of his possessions to that of his mother. As the Rebels escaped, A-Cee self-destructed with four point two kilos of plitex nine explosives, destroying Donar's yacht and those aboard.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Greetings, Excellency. Stories of your wisdom, generosity, and strength are more numerous than the stars."
―Slyder flatters Governor Donar[src]
Slyder dfsfte

Slyder confers with Donar

Slyder, like many Rodians, lived as a bounty hunter. However, Slyder did not like the usual method of bounty hunting, finding it time consuming and pointlessly laborious. Instead, he opted for self-constructed form of hunting, where he would track those who should have a price on their heads before selling them to whomever would want them the most.[2] With this system, Slyder considered himself to be much smarter than the average bounty hunter. He even made it a note to remind himself and his droid companion of his method on occasions of his choosing.[3] Slyder was precise in his work, and worked hard to remain undetected by his targets, sometimes faking certain activities, such as sleeping. Slyder was not fond of those who indulged themselves, and although Governor Donar was his best choice to sell the Rebel agents too, he hated the man on sight due to his corpulence. The Rodian even wished that there was someone who wanted Donar's head. During his tenure with the Imperials and his hunt for Katarn and Ors, Slyder came to dislike the Imperials more and more. He found them inefficient, distracted, stupid, and most of all: incompetent. When the droid A-Cee began to destroy itself at the sight of Nathan Donar's officer uniform, Slyder, finally fed up with the Imperial's ineptness, executed those that he could, including Dol and Nathan Donar, out of desperation.[2]

Despite his demise, Slyder was a successful bounty hunter, with a large collection of trophies from his various targets to prove it. Good with a blaster, he was able to shoot A-Cee as he tried to escape with a crippling shot. Slyder was also addicted to a substance known as pol pollen, a drug that had been consuming more and more of his income as his career continued. Slyder believed that pol pollen could clear his mind and give him greater moments of concentration. He would often reward himself with doses of pol pollen after moments where he figured that he had been intelligent. In addition, in order to better sell his services, he would flatter his would-be clients, even if he disliked them, and present them with a hand gesture meant to stimulate—or so Governor Donar assumed—respect.[2]

A Rodian, Slyder possessed a natural odor that Katarn and the Donars found to be repulsive, although Slyder's odor was considered by them to be even worse due to the fact that he tried to cover it up with cologne. Slyder's skin color was dark green, and he had large purple eyes. His eyes were sensitive to bright lights, and kept his cabin dark in order to keep comfortable.[2]


Slyder owned a ship of his own which was kept in the hangar of Star of Empire. During the short chase with the Rebels outside of the luxury liner, Slyder wished to have used his own ship as opposed to Donar's when he learned that the Imperials brought the disabled droid A-Cee aboard. Slyder also kept a small blaster pistol as his sidearm, and used it to hunt his prey. He was able to shoot the droid A-Cee with it shortly before his death, and he used it later when he killed several Imperials out of desperation before A-Cee destructed. Slyder also kept a four-barreled blaster pistol, which he took from a target, as a trophy. Throughout his tenure with Governor Donar, Slyder wore basic red clothing.[2]

Slyder was also accompanied by a porter droid with a masculine personality, although he did not actually own the droid. He acquired the droid's assistance early during his tenure on Star of Empire, and the droid considered it to be a blessing to have worked alongside Slyder for so long. Slyder used the droid for reconnaissance, such as scouting out prey like Jan Ors. Slyder had supplied the droid a transmitter that was installed on Ors' ship.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Slyder was created for the 1997 graphic novella Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire, which was written by William C. Dietz, in which he appeared in the story's fourth chapter, serving as the primary antagonist throughout the chapter, alongside the character of Governor Donar. Slyder appeared in three illustrations, all of which were created by Dean Williams, who created all of the art which appeared throughout the book. Slyder later appeared in the full cast audio adaption of the novella, where his voice was provided by Peter Moore, who also provided the voice for the character Meck Odom and directed the audio drama. In a continuity error present in the audio drama, Slyder's porter droid remarks that Slyder has lived on the Star of Empire for seven years, which contradicts the novella stating that Slyder had lived on the Star for only three years. In addition, Slyder's droid is not present in the novella at all. This article assumes that Slyder only lived three years aboard the Star.



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