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"In future, you might want to prime your weapon before you tough talk an opponent... Just in case he's packing smoke grenades!"
Boba Fett, to Dengar[3]

Smoke grenades were a type of grenade that released clouds of thick smoke to obscure the vision of enemies.


Smoke grenades (called "smokers" in military jargon) released a cloud of obscuring smoke that lasted for one minute.[1] They had a variety of uses, such as creating smoke signals for landing zones,[2] aerial attacks, or evacuation.[1] They were also used to block the sight of enemy forces or to create chaos in a crowd. The BlasTech Nacht-5 smoke grenades used by the Rebel Alliance were modified to release colored smoke, such as red, green, or blue.[4] Smoke grenades could either be thrown or launched from a grenade launcher.


A smoke grenade was carried by Loodux, a Rodian assassin that was hired to kill Tsillog, a Quarren ambassador. He planned to use it to create chaos among the assembled crowd, at which point he would line up his shot to kill the ambassador. However, Loodux's assassination attempt failed and he was defeated by a group of agents.[5]



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