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"Time to join the Force, Jedi!"

Smug was a Trandoshan male big game hunter who was a member of a hunting guild that operated out of the moon of Wasskah. The guild, led by the hunter Garnac, was known to capture sentient beings—including Jedi younglings—that were then brought back to Wasskah to be hunted down for sport. During the year 20 BBY, the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano was captured by the guild and deposited on Island Four, where quickly made allies out of the other survivors. Together, they ambushed the guild's kidnapping freighter and caused it to crash, freeing the Wookiee prisoner Chewbacca in the process.

Smug staked out the crash site on the following night and visually intercepted Tano's group when they returned to the crash in order to salvage it. However, as Smug sighted in Tano and Chewbacca, he began talking to himself and alerted Tano's two Jedi youngling allies, O-Mer and Jinx, to his presence. The younglings ambushed Smug, causing the hunter to inadvertently alert his targets of his presence. Though Smug nearly killed his attackers, he was apprehended by Chewbacca and, under Jinx's suggestion, taken prisoner.

Tano's group brought Smug back to the crash site the next day and subjected him to Force mind tricks that eventually persuaded the hunter to call for a ride back to the guild's airborne fortress. The pilot Krix answered the call with a MSP80 hover pod, who learned of the trap only too late. Krix was ambushed, and both he and Smug were knocked unconscious. The Jedi commandeered the speeder and used it for what was ultimately a successful assault against the hunting guild.


Blood sportEdit

"The sun has risen. Let the hunt begin."
―Garnac initiates the hunt[src]

Smug reclines in the trophy room.

Smug was a Trandoshan male who was one of eleven Trandoshan members of hunting guild led by the big game hunter Garnac. The guild operated on the[2] Mid Rim[3] moon of Wasskah out of a hovering[4] Ubrikkian floating fortress[3] that served as the guild's headquarters. Although the guild hunted various non-sentient creatures, the guild happened to delve into the kidnapping of sentient beings that were brought back to Wasskah to be hunted themselves.[2]

During the year 20 BBY,[5] a guild expedition to the planet Felucia produced the Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano.[2] As Jedi targets were considered by the guild to hold great value,[4] Garnac hoped to make Tano his son Dar's first trophy for his upcoming debut hunt as an official guild member. The day following Tano's capture and release on Wasskah's Island Four, Smug was present in the fortress trophy room when Garnac announced the beginning of the next hunting period. Smug and the other Trandoshans took up arms as they celebrated the dawn and headed to the base's landing pad. Smug stood by and watched as the guild's three[2] MSP80 Pteropter hover pods[4] were loaded with occupants and flown down to Wasskah's surface for a round of slaughter.[2]

That night, the hunters reconvened in the trophy room for Dar's iniation ceremony. Smug and the other hunters cheered and chanted as Garnac officially inducted Dar into the guild's fold as its twelfth member. However, Dar's hunt the following day led to a series of skirmishes with Tano and the Jedi youngling Kalifa that eventually led to him falling and impaling himself on a spike in Island Four's jungle.[2]

Garnac vowed revenge against the Jedi and killed Kalifa in short order, and later began having his hunters sweep the island for Tano and her two other youngling allies, O-Mer and Jinx.[2] However, his initial searches came up short.[1]

Hunting the JediEdit


"Happy hunting."
―Sochek, to Smug[src]

A few days later, Smug and the other hunters found their[1] Trandoshan prisoner ship that they had used to capture prey with, had crashed on Island Four's beachhead. As it happened, Tano had rallied the other younglings into a bold offensive against the Trandoshan ship in an effort to hijack it and escape Wasskah only to instead ground it during the resulting skrimish. Smug stood guard in a grounded hover pod as the bodies of the pilots Clutch and Goron were pulled from the wreckage. Meanwhile, Garnac and the hunter Lo-Taren realized that the Jedi had become bold and organized. In addition, the Jedi had freed the freighter's sole prisoner, the Wookiee Chewbacca.[1]

Smug vs Jedi Younglings

Smug fights off O-Mer and Jinx.

The Trandoshans eventually left the crash site, but anticipating that the wreckage could be visited again, Smug and the hunter Sochek returned to the crash site in a hover pod. Smug was dropped off on a rocky outcropping positioned above the crash site and was left to his own devices. The stakeout paid off, as Tano and Chewbacca did return to the crash site in order to salvage usable materials from it, as the Wookiee hoped to build a transmitter to call for help with.[1]

Smug set his sights on the wreck, not realizing that directly below the outcropping was O-Mer and Jinx, who were serving as lookouts for their allies. As Smug waited for his prey to walk into the view of his rifle scope, he began talking to himself upon sighting Chewbacca. Despite noticing Sochek's brief stop, O-Mer and Jinx did not investigate until they overheard Smug's private conversation with himself. Realizing the hunter's purpose, the younglings climbed up to Smug's position and ambushed him right as Tano walked into his line-of-sight. The attack caused Smug to squeeze off a wayward shot which alerted Tano and Chewbacca to his presence. After being disarmed of his sniper rifle, Smug grappled with the younglings and, after a short yet vicious struggle, Smug proved to be the superior warrior. Before the Trandoshan could finish Jinx off with his knife, however, Smug was apprehended and disarmed by Chewbacca. The Wookiee began to beat and strangle Smug, but Jinx, seeing Smug as having more value to them as something other than a corpse, suggested that the sniper be taken prisoner instead.[1]

Tano agreed, told Chewbacca to relinquish his hold on Smug, and the Trandoshan was taken back to the survivor's hideout. Upon reaching the tree-based hideout, Smug's hands were bound with a vine while the Jedi planned the next stage of their escape.[1]

Tables turnedEdit

"Smug? Where have you been?"
"I need a speeder to pick me up.
―Smug contacts Lo-Taren for a speeder while under the influence of a Jedi mind trick[src]
Smug Captured

Smug was taken hostage by Tano's group of survivors.

Now a prisoner of the Jedi, Smug was kept within arms reach of his captors as they plotted their next move. With Smug captured without the notice of his comrades, the Jedi had gained an advantage. Smug overheard Chewbacca's plans to build his transmitter and the subsequent doubt cast by Jinx and O-Mer. Instead, the younglings stressed that they should use Smug to their advantage while they had an element of surprise over Garnac's lodge. Although Tano requested patience, having faith in Chewbacca's plan, O-Mer and Jinx planned to take Smug and force him to help them attack the Trandoshan fortress, with or without Tano and Chewbacca's help. However, Chewbacca and Tano ultimately agreed to assist, and by morning Smug was marched back to the wreck.[1]

Initially, Smug proved resilient to his captors; the hunter held no intentions of voluntarily helping the younglings, and Smug completely ignored Jinx's attempt at a Force mind trick. As a result of the latter, Smug was smacked upside the head by Chewbacca, which clouded his mind and made him vulnerable to a second mind trick. Under Jinx's control, Smug was convinced that he had escaped custody and contacted Lo-Taren for a ride back to the fortress.[1]

In response, Krix was sent in a hover pod. The pilot found Smug, still under Jinx's control, waiting alone near the wreck. When Krix extended a hand to help Smug aboard, he was ambushed by Tano and taken out of the pod. As Krix brawled, Smug idly stood by, still under the affects of the mind trick. Before Smug could recompose himself, O-Mer tackled the hunter, knocking him unconscious. Krix was beaten by Chewbacca shortly after, and the hover pod was stolen by Tano's group and flown to the fortress. The group's attack was launched on the fortress right as Lagon and the hunter Ramy began to wonder what had become of Smug and Krix.[1]

Chewbacca's transmitter ended up working, and with the help of the Wookiee soldiers that answered the call, Tano's attack against the hunting lodge was successful. Garnac and the other members of the hunting lodge were eliminated, leaving Smug, Krix,[1] and Ramy—the only survivor of the direct attack—[6]as the only surviving Trandoshans.[1][6]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You will listen to me."
[Chuckles] "No, I won't."
―Smug resists Jinx's Jedi mind trick[src]

An orange-scaled Trandoshan with dark-brown mottling on his face along with yellow eyes, Smug was a capable brawler who,[1] like the other members of the guild, was excited by the prospect of hunting the jungles of Wasskah. Smug showed a deal of camaraderie towards his comrades, and was particularly excited during Dar's initiation ceremony, where he cheered and chanted Dar's name as the young hunter joined the guild.[2]

Smug Sniper Rifle

Smug takes aim with his sniper rifle.

Upon sighting Chewbacca and Ahsoka Tano with his sniper rifle, Smug expressed interest in their activities and became summarily pleased with the idea of landing a killing shot. However, the fact that he showed his excitement by talking to himself displayed a lack self-awareness, with his chortling giving away his position to O-Mer and Jinx, which them to easily ambush him. Though Smug proved his combat prowess by besting the Jedi younglings in one-on-two combat, he became so enveloped by the prospect of gutting Jinx that he failed to notice Chewbacca come up behind him and thwart yet another kill.[1]

Smug displayed a level of disgust and annoyance with being taken prisoner by the Jedi, and laughed off their attempt to command him into obeying orders. Knowledgeable of the Force, Smug proved to be of sound mind in that he was able to completely ignore a Jedi mind trick. He became susceptible to a second trick after Chewbacca hit him in the head and caused him to lose focus, however. While under Jinx's control, Smug appeared pleased with himself when he believed that he had escaped the Jedi. Despite being under Jinx's control, Smug seemed to be aware of Jinx's hold on him, and while waiting for Krix to pick him up, Smug looked to Jinx for guidance as Krix drew nearer.[1]

The Trandoshan was a skilled combatant, as after being ambushed, he quickly recovered and managed to beat both of his Jedi attackers. Smug tended to refer to his prey as either "whelps" or "pretties."[1]


"I'll gut you, whelp!"
―Smug as he attacks Jinx with his knife[src]

Smug's primary weapon of choice was a long, thin sniper blaster rifle that featured a vertical foregrip and an electronic magnifying scope. Smug also carried a curved knife in a sheath latched onto his belt. Smug used the rifle during his attempt to kill Chewbacca and the Jedi, but after being disarmed of the weapon, he used his knife in an attempt to kill Jinx. After being grabbed by Chewbacca, Smug was forced to drop the knife and was thus deprived of both of his weapons. Smug was also known to operate one of the guild's hover pods.[1]

During the Tano hunt, Smug's clothing consisted of a greenish-gray shirt and a light brown vest. A belt outfitted with the aforementioned knife sheath and several pouches was wrapped around the shirt. Smug also wore black pants with an orange trim. Like all of the Trandoshans in the guild, Smug wore an electronic gauntlet on his wrist. Smug's contained a comlink which he used to contact Lo-Taren with.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"So, Smug is named after Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit."
―Series lead Dave Filoni discusses the naming of Smug[src]

Smug was one of the twelve Trandoshan characters created for "Padawan Lost" and "Wookiee Hunt," the final episodes of the third season of the animated television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars, both of which aired on April 1, 2011. Smug's voice in "Wookiee Hunt" was provided by Jeff Anderson.

Like all of the Trandoshans created for the episodes, Smug was designed by conceptual artist Pat Presley. Smug's name was inspired by Smaug, the villainous dragon from the novel The Hobbit.



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