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"Time to join the Force, Jedi!"

Smug was a male Trandoshan who was a part of a Trandoshan group that kidnapped beings or force-sensitives and then hunt them down for sport during the tie of the Clone Wars.


Some of the prisoners that had taken refuge in Island Four, including Jedi Ahsoka Tano, had become a threat to the Trandoshan slavers on Wasskah. They sent two scouts, Smug and Krix, to hunt them down. Smug eventually found Ahsoka Tano and Chewbacca in the crash site of a Trandoshan prisoner transport. He nearly shot them both with a sniper rifle, but missed. He was later apprehended by the two other remaining Jedi, Jinx and O-Mer. They took him prisoner. The next morning, Jinx employed a Mind trick on him and had him call a speeder to pick them up. When Krix arrived, the prisoners managed to knock both Krix and Smug unconscious and then hijack the speeder.

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