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Smuggler's Run was a treacherous asteroid field that harbored a plethora of smugglers and illegal activities, located near Wrea.


Only certain people (mainly smugglers) knew how to find the Smuggler's Run. There were numerous inhabited asteroids, but the largest and most important was Skip 1. Navigating the asteroids was extremely hazardous, but Han Solo learned easily from Roa in his smuggling days.

This collection of asteroids was once controlled by the Hutts. It served as a base of operations for many smugglers who couldn't afford the relative luxury of havens like Nar Shaddaa. The Smuggler's Run had been used for several centuries and remained unchecked due to its hazardous entrance through the asteroids. Several asteroids were hollowed out or riddled with caverns to support life, nicknamed Skips. The Skips were numbered in the order in which they were inhabited. A few minor crime lords developed personal empires within certain asteroids, but their influence rarely extended beyond a single rock.

After the deaths of Jabba the Hutt and Emperor Palpatine, the Run was freed of Hutt control and began to operate on its own. During this time, the failed Jedi Dolph found an ally in the Glottalphib crime lord Nandreeson, and together they began shipping Dolph's rigged droids through the Run to points on Coruscant and other New Republic worlds. Many smugglers took jobs working for Nandreeson and Dolph, but many of them suddenly disappeared when they got too involved. Dolph became known as Kueller, and Lando Calrissian followed clues to Smuggler's Run following a bombing in the Senate.

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