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"A serpent can shed its skin, but it is still a serpent."
Anakin Skywalker to Padmé Amidala[src]
Luke removes the snake

Luke Skywalker removing a snake from a table in Yoda's hut

Snakes (also called serpents) were creatures with a cylindrical, limbless body, a forked tongue that allowed them to smell, sharp fangs, and slitted eyes. They could grow as long as three meters and become as thick as the arm of a Kiffar. Snakes moved smoothly over surfaces with a distinctive twisting motion. When angered, they started hissing and thrashing. Some snakes were venomous, and their bites were painful.[1] The Anacondans were a race of sentient, snakelike beings.[2]

The swamp-covered planet Dagobah was home to at least one species of snake, the vine snake.[3] Some small specimens resided in Yoda's hut; one such creature startled Luke Skywalker while he was preparing to leave Dagobah to rescue Han Solo and Leia Organa.[4] The swamps of Rodia were home to countless varieties of snakes;[5] Skywalker notably encountered one when he opened the door to Huulik's mausoleum.[6] Black snakes could be found on Dathomir,[1] and Moraband was home to a giant Sith serpent that, on closer inspection, was made of hundreds of smaller snakes.[7]

During her time as a bounty hunter, the former Sith acolyte Asajj Ventress wore shoulder plates that bore an illustration of a twisted, black snake.[8] At one point, Ventress also wore a necklace crafted to look like a snake.[1]

"Snake" could be a term for an individual one held in low regard. Leia Organa considered Bevicard, a senator of the New Republic, to be a snake, but nevertheless an honest one.[9]



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