Snake-Eyes was a Ky'lessan male who worked at Scarlet Bloodhawk's repairing port. He later kidnapped Bloodhawk and tried to sell her friends to the Galactic Empire.


The Ky'lessan male known as Snake-Eyes worked at a spaceport with repair facilities belonging to Scarlet Bloodhawk, where he served as her second-in-command. Circa 0 ABY, Snake-Eyes betrayed Bloodhawk and kidnapped her. The Ky'lessan kept her prisoner in her own rooms and became the de facto commander of the port. During Snake-Eyes's term of office, the maintenance of the port was neglected. Snake-Eyes also kept the crew of the port, including Bloodhawk's personal domodroid H2-1B4.[1]

Soon afterwards, the port was visited by an old friend of Bloodhawk's whose ship needed repairs. Snake-Eyes received these visitors,[1] who were members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[2] pretending that Bloodhawk was on a leave and obsequiously offered to repair the ship. Snake-Eyes secretly notified the Empire, offering the Rebels up in return for a reward. He also sabotaged the ship's engines to stop them from leaving the port.[1]

However, H2-1B4 told the Rebels about Snake-Eyes's treachery and recruited them to rescue Bloodhawk. Once all of them were loose, Snake-Eyes again called the Empire. Although the Rebels and Bloodhawk escaped the port in their ship, they found an Imperial ship waiting for them. When they attempted to engage their ship's hyperdrive, they found in inoperable.[1]


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