The snare rifle was a cord-shooting weapon designed to ensnare a target so that they can be captured alive.


The snare rifle fired a weighted cord that wrapped around the target and ensnared it, stopping it or slowing it down. Although seemingly a primitive weapon, this rifle was useful to a bounty hunter who was operating on a planet with strict weapon laws that banned or restricted his usual arsenal of stunning weapons, such as blasters, stun grenades, and grenade launchers.[1] The snare rifle was quite similar to the snare gun used by slavers. The snare pistol was a smaller version of the snare rifle.

The snare rifle weighed 5 kilograms and was able to fire 5 shots before needing to be reloaded. The weapon cost 1,200 credits. The specialized replacement cartridges weighed 2 kilograms and cost 50 credits each.[1]


The GRS-1 snare rifle manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions was a high-tech variant of the basic snare rifle. Rather than firing a cord, it fired a burst of shockstun mist incapacitating the target, followed up by a liquid spraynet that covered the target, quickly solidifying to hold the target fast. This particular variant was used by Zuckuss, a Gand bounty hunter.



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