Snem Noonb was a male Sullustan who owned a factory in Edic Bar on Genarius.


In his factory, Noonb manufactured plasma relays, power conduits, drive components and other starship systems. As a favor to the Jedi of the Almas Academy, he would make up packages of all the parts required to construct a lightsaber for use during the Jedi Trials. After the Battle of Naboo, he purchased many damaged battle droids and repaired them. These droids would be used in the Almas Jedi trials for the Test of the Droids, where an artificial virus would be uploaded into the droids which would make them combat the prospective Jedi Knights.

During the Clone Wars, the heroes of Cularin visited Noonb at his factory to take ten lightsaber packages back to Almas for the impending trials there. He showed them around his factory and while he was doing so, an artificial virus was uploaded into the droids by Zelice Sturm causing them to become hostile. In the end, the heroes were able to stop them.



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