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The sniper rifle, also called a sniper blaster rifle or assassin rifle, was a weapon used to shoot targets at long range.


Just before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Zam Wesell used a flying assassin droid in an attempt to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala on Coruscant. The plan failed and Zam Wesell saw the assassin droid returning to her with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi hanging onto it. To avoid being caught by the Jedi and having her plans exposed, Wesell retrieved her sniper rifle from her airspeeder. Using the targeting scope on her rifle to zoom in on her target, she fired at the incoming droid and destroyed it. This sent Kenobi plummeting toward the planet surface, but he was quickly rescued by Anakin Skywalker. Realizing things had gone south, Wesell immediately stowed her sniper rifle and took off in her airspeeder.[3]

During the Clone Wars, a commando droid used a sniper rifle at the Battle of Saleucami.[8] Bounty hunters such as Aurra Sing,[11] Rumi Paramita,[4] and Rako Hardeen[7] used these rifles in their jobs. Onderon rebels' leader Steela Gerrera used one in her fight to liberate Onderon.[12]

In the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper Corps, both the Sniper troopers[10] and Stormtrooper snipers were equipped with sniper rifles.[13]

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