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"A well-built sniper rifle is a beautiful thing. Ours has two separate levels of zoom: 'Up-close-and-personal' and 'Hello-you're-dead.'"

Sniper rifles were long-range weapons, either projectile or, more commonly, blaster-based (these were also called sniper blaster rifles).[1] The purpose of a sniper rifle was to kill a target at extreme distances. A sniper blaster rifle fired a long beam of energy, capable of killing with a single headshot.

Sniper blaster rifles often had a bipod and targeting scope mounted on them.[1]


Tusken Raiders on Tatooine often used projectile sniper rifles to take potshots at podracers. A sniper rifle was used by Zam Wesell to destroy her ASN-121 droid during the plot to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala in 22 BBY. Another was used by Aurra Sing during the Senate hostage crisis to take out Senate Commandos, and an attempt to kill Senator Amidala. A sniper rifle was used in a failed attempt to assassinate Satine Kryze on Coruscant by a Death Watch assassin. The bounty hunter Jango Fett attempted to collect a bounty by killing a clone deserter with his son Boba Fett, but failed. The Tenloss Syndicate was the maker of the notorious DXR-6 disruptor rifle, which, when fitted with a zoom scope, became an especially deadly sniper rifle.

In the days of the Old Republic, Aratech Repulsor Company was notable for their highly-accurate sniper weapons.



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