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Snivvians, nicknamed Snaggletooths, were a species of sentient mammalian humanoids native to the planet Cadomai Prime. They had large mouths and short fangs. The winters on their home planet were long, harsh, and difficult to survive. During this time, the Snivvians spent their time in underground caverns in artistic pursuits. Some of the species escaped the icy tundras to become bounty hunters offworld. As a species they displayed great tracking skills, so were particularly suited to this work. Sol Charless, Geezum, Drix Gil, Katt Mol, Narb, Nod, Sinrich, Takeel, and Zutton were members of the species.

Biology and appearance[]

Snivvians were mammalian humanoids distinguishable by their large nostrils and their protruding lower jaws,[8] with two small tusks.[3] Their hair color varied between brown and black, but they possessed a larger variation of skin and eye colors.[5][7][2][4][6][3] They were capable of speaking Galactic Basic but also communicated via snorting through their nostrils.[10]


The Snivvians were native to the planet Cadomai Prime. The winters on their homeworld were long, harsh, and difficult to survive. During this time, the Snivvians spent their time in underground caverns in artistic pursuits.[9] Many of the species escaped the icy tundras to become gangsters or bounty hunters offworld.[11]

Snivvians in the galaxy[]

Republic Era[]

A Snivvian was among the auctioneers at the auction of the Jedi Padawan Eldra Kaitis.[12] Katt Mol was a Snivvian captured and hunted by a Trandoshan hunting guild led by Garnac.[7] The Snivvian bounty hunter Sinrich invented the holographic disguise matrix, which convinced Count Dooku to invite him to participate in a number of challenges at the Box on Serenno.[1] A Snivvian was present at Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina in Mos Eisley on Tatooine when the Dathomirian Asajj Ventress killed the bounty hunter Oked.[13] Following the infiltration of the Cybloc Transfer Station, the Snivvian Morlimur Snugg briefed the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Adi Gallia upon their arrival to investigate the incident.[14]

Imperial Era[]

Ezra Vizago and the liberated workers

A Snivvian was among the liberated slaves from Crawler 413-24

A Snivvian was among the slaves working on Crawler 413-24 for the Mining Guild on Lothal until the rebel cell known as the Spectres hijacked it and freed them.[15] They later joined the Spectres and the Lothal resistance group at their base, where they gave away their location to Lothal's governor Arihnda Pryce in order to lure her in and capture her. The Snivvian was killed in the following attack.[16]

The Snivvians Takeel and Zutton were patrons of Chalmun's Cantina and were present when Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi visited to find transport to Alderaan.[17] A Snivvian was among the many visitors at a bar on Nar Shaddaa when Skywalker revealed his lightsaber.[18] Skywalker was later captured and put into a gladiatorial game in front of a large crowd, including at least one Snivvian.[19] Geezum was a Snivvian who worked for the crime lord Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine when Skywalker and his friends came to rescue Han Solo.[20]

New Republic Era[]

Nod the Snivvian

A male Snivvian named Nod.

The young Snivvian Sol Charless lived on Durkteel and was bullied by the male Saurin Fikk.[3] Among the workers at Takodana Castle was the Snivvian Drix Gil.[21] The Snivvian brothers Nod and Narb were criminals who lived on the independent refueling station known as the Colossus on Castilon.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"I also shoehorned my way onto screen for that scene. I'd suggested Snaggletooth as a background creature because he was a favorite action figure when I was a child, and I even volunteered to play him. It's a wide shot in the film, and I'm next to a tent pole hundreds of yards away."
―Jake Lunt Davies[22]

The Snivvian species were created for the cantina sequence in George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, released in 1977.[17] They were later identified in Sinrich's encyclopedia entry on StarWars.com.[23] A Snivvian appeared in the 2019 sequel trilogy film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, played by Jake Lunt Davies deep in the background on Pasaana.[24] Davies volunteered to play the Snivvian and wanted one to appear in the film because the "Snaggletooth" action figure had been one of his favorites as a child.[22] It took sometime for Davies to find himself in the film.[24]



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