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This ring belonged to Supreme Leader Snoke, which he wore on the index finger of his left hand.[2] It was made of gold and was enscribed with glyphs from the Dwartii,[1] and also was encrusted with obsidian from the Sith cave beneath Fortress Vader on Mustafar.[3] When Snoke was cut in half by the Skywalker lightsaber by Kylo Ren, the blade also cut through both his hands at the wrist; the left hand, still wearing the ring, was left sitting on the arm of Snoke's throne.[2]

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In the Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi's comic book adaptation, though featured in the fourth issue, the ring is noticeable absent from Snoke's left hand in the adaptation's fifth issue, in which interestingly, Snoke's hands aren't cut and remain in his arms as his torso falls upon being cut.

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