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Snoke's Throne Room was an enormous chamber veiled by an opaque red curtain. Located aboard the Supremacy, a Mega-class Star Dreadnought and flagship of the First Order, it was in the throne room where Supreme Leader Snoke broadcasted his holographic image or relayed orders to the various subordinates under his command. The Elite Praetorian Guards, a bodyguard unit of eight human sentinels, were stationed in the throne room for the Supreme Leader's protection.

During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Snoke was assassinated in his throne room by Kylo Ren. In response, the Praetorian Guards attacked the dark side knight and his Jedi ally, Rey in an effort to avenge Snoke's death. Despite their attempt, the entire unit was slain by the Force-sensitive pair, leaving the throne room littered with the bodies of the Praetorians and their fallen master. After the fight, Ren, who was still in the throne room, declared himself Snoke's successor.


The throne room was a massive chamber situated on the Supremacy, a Mega-class Star Dreadnought[3] which served as the First Order's flagship and de facto mobile capital.[4] The chamber was veiled by an enormous red curtain. Supreme Leader Snoke, whose physical injuries led him to prioritize comfort, governed the First Order from the throne room, typically by projecting his holographic form or issuing instructions to various subordinates within his domain. In addition, the throne room hosted a cohort of eight human sentries—the Elite Praetorian Guard, which was trained to defend the Supreme Leader against any threat.[3]


Audience with Hux[]

Snoke summoned General Armitage Hux to the throne room to answer for his failure of allowing the Resistance fleet to escape. After getting off the turbolift, Hux approached the Supreme Leader who was sitting on his throne, flanked by his elite Praetorian Guard. As he approached the throne, Hux noticed two of Snoke's attendants were busy seeing to the oculus viewing device. Hux knelt before Snoke who proceeded to voice his disappointed in the general. The general assured him that it was just a temporary setback. From his throne, Snoke questioned the general's claim of being able to track the Resistance fleet even after it had escaped into hyperspace.[4]

Hux assured the Supreme Leader that the First Order had the technological abilities to do just that, citing the vast data sources the First Order had to draw on to pinpoint the fleet's destination. Leaning back in his throne, the Supreme Leader reflected on Hux's words. After a moment, Snoke concluded that the foundation was brute force not abstract thought as the general assured. Still kneeling, Hux assured the Supreme Leader that there was nothing to stand against the First Order before he received a message stating that the location of the Resistance fleet had been determined. Informing Snoke, Hux rose and stood before the Supreme Leader who was musing on the general's appraisal of the Resistance's fate.[4]

A child in a mask[]

Kylo Ren arrived to the throne room to answer for his defeat at Starkiller Base. As the door to the turbolift opened and Ren stepped into the throne room, the sound of Snoke chuckling echoed in the room. General Hux turned to watch him make his way towards Snoke's throne before turning his attention back to the Supreme Leader who congratulated the general on locating the Resistance fleet. Hux thanked the Supreme Leader and turned to head to the turbolift, passing Ren and smirking at the Knight of Ren.[2]

Snoke told Kylo Ren that he had foreseen great potential in him because of his bloodline.

Ren knelt before Snoke who leaned forward on his throne to explain why he kept Hux in a position of power before asking how Ren's wound was. Ren kept his gaze on the room's floor as he replied. Snoke rose from his throne descended towards the Ren as he commented on the power he had sensed in the knight and the potential he promised before claiming he had been wrong about Ren. Ren looked up from where he was kneeling to Supreme Leader and expressed his loyalty but was cut off by Snoke's order to remove his helmet. Turning to walk back to his throne Ren again tried to proclaim his loyalty when Snoke turned and harshly criticized Ren and all his failures that occurred on the Starkiller Base.

In a sudden fit of rage, Ren stood up and threw his cape to the floor but found himself hurled across the room by a burst of Force lightning wielded by Snoke. The eight Praetorian guardsmen snapped into their combat stances but reverted after Snoke motioned to them as he lumbered back to his throne.[4] Ren stood up as the Supreme Leader resumed his seat on his throne lamenting on how Ren was nothing more than a child in a mask. Ren retrieved his helmet off the floor as he turned and left the throne room seething with rage. As he descended in the turbolift, he smashed the helmet against the walls of the turbolift, destroying it.[2]

Confronting Rey[]

Snoke was killed in the throne room by Kylo Ren, who used his grandfather's lightsaber to cut the Supreme Leader in half.

It was also in his throne room that Ren brought Rey before him, and where his apprentice betrayed him, and killed him via igniting his grandfather's Jedi lightsaber through the Supreme Leader's torso. The throne room then became a battleground as the Praetorian Guard attacked the two Force-wielders in an attempt to avenge Snoke. Ren and Rey defeated all eight of the guards in a short but brutally close fight, setting the red banners ablaze in the process. Ren attempted to convince Rey to side with him, but she refused and they grappled over her lightsaber, eventually splitting it in two and releasing a huge burst of energy which knocked Ren unconscious and allowed Rey the opportunity to flee in Snoke's escape craft.[2]

Long live the Supreme Leader[]

After the assassination of Snoke, Ren became the new Supreme Leader.

General Hux later visited the throne room after the Supremacy suffered catastrophic damage via the Raddus entering light-speed in front of the ship, where he was distraught to find Snoke's bisected corpse and Ren's prone form, especially when it ruined his chances at killing Snoke himself. Hux briefly toyed with the idea of assassinating Ren, but put the idea aside when Ren awoke just before he could. Ren proceeded to pin Snoke's assassination on the conveniently absent Rey and then claimed the title of Supreme Leader for himself, seizing Hux's throat with the Force when the man protested and forcing him to submit to his authority.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for the Emperor's throne room in Return of the Jedi

Snoke's throne room was created and developed for the 2017 film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, the second installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.[2] The throne room was first revealed in the Force Friday II toy and action-figure previews released on August 31, 2017.[5] The first footage of the throne room was released in The Last Jedi trailer on October 9, 2017.[6]

The design of Snoke's throne itself was inspired by a concept art for Emperor Palpatine's throne room featured in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, designed by Ralph McQuarrie[7]—the legendary conceptual designer responsible for many of the designs and aesthetics featured in the original trilogy.[8] Another design inspiration was the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz, with Johnson comparing Snoke to the film's titular character.[9]


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