A snooper was a computer program that recorded information and transferred it to an outside source. While basic models were easy to detect, modified ones could evade detection. The young rebel sympathizer Merei Spanjaf obtained a snooper from the crime syndicate Gray Syndicate on the planet Lothal's Capital City. She used three snooper programs to infiltrate the Transportation Ministry's database and the Imperial network on Lothal.

These snoopers enabled Merei to discover the whereabouts of Zare Leonis' sister Dhara, a cadet at the Academy for Young Imperials who had been abducted and forcibly recruited into Project Harvester. While two of the snooper program managed to delete themselves from the system, Merei's parents Gandr and Jessa Spanjaf managed to freeze the third and begin tracking the intruder. Her parents were unaware that their daughter was the intruder.

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